Best Climbing Sticks For Saddle Hunting

The Best Climbing Sticks For Saddle Hunting

The best climbing sticks are made for saddle hunting and are durable and comfortable. Choose one that weighs around 20 pounds and is strong enough to support up to 300 pounds. Choose one that comes with extra long straps to secure yourself to large trees. You don’t want to be constantly tripping over your own weight while climbing.

These sticks are constructed of 6061 aluminum and feature machined holes. They are available in three lengths: 17-inch, 22-inch and 20-inch. They come with an optional platform and a cable aid bolt kit. A single step will add approximately 8 oz to the stick, while a double step will add up to an extra eight oz.

The A1 climbing stick is made with the same components as the C1 but uses an aluminum tube instead of carbon. This means that the stick is lighter and more compact than the C1, but it will add more weight to your pack. It is made in America and includes an aid that hooks onto a versa turn knob and loops over the stick’s front. While the A1 is not as effective as the C1, it still is far superior to many aftermarket options.

It is important that you choose a pair that will not spook your prey, just like with other climbing sticks. Stealth tape can help to reduce the loudness of aluminum sticks. Steel sets are also available for hunting. A carbon fiber set is a good choice if you want to climb with a pair that doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

The Tethrd One’s climbing sticks are likely too expensive for most saddle hunters. However, there is an alternative that is much cheaper. A Tethrd Skeletor is an option if you are willing to spend a little more. The Skeletor’s four sticks weigh about half as much as the One. Saddle hunters are likely to leave their tree stands up year-round, so you should save weight if possible.

The weight of the sticks is another important consideration. Lighter sticks are better for those who hunt in dense vegetation. On the other hand, heavier sticks can be heavy. You must be careful to keep the weight limit below your chosen weight. Moreover, remember that they should have enough strength to resist impact and keep you safe.

The River’s Edge RE718 climbing sticks are designed with anti-slip steps and have a sturdy connection to the tree. Moreover, they are easy to store and use. Moreover, they have a noiseless strap and V-bracket for added safety. They also nest together so that you can easily carry them through the woods.

It is essential to have the right equipment when saddle hunting. Climbing sticks are an excellent alternative to heavy platforms. This can help you save weight and money. A good climbing stick can also be used as a platform, saving you from having to purchase a separate stand. A lightweight platform designed for saddle hunting, such as the OOAL Scout, can also be used. But whatever method you choose, remember to keep safety in mind and you’ll have a safer and more successful hunt.

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