Best Deck For Arena 2

Choosing the Best Deck for Arena 2

There are many different decks in Arena 2 and choosing the right one for your game will depend on the type of matchup you plan to play. A fireball deck is the best choice if you’re playing as a giant. This deck has a lot to offer and can reach Arena 5 if it is upgraded properly.

The witch is one of the most powerful cards in the game. Not only does she spawn Skeletons every seven seconds, but she can also deal splash damage. She also has a faster attack speed than average, so she can wipe out a swarm army. Another good card in the game is the Baby Dragon, which can handle the air troops and deal area splash damage.

The Giant and Witch combo is another good option in Arena 2. The Giant can inflict damage on your opponents, while the Witch summons minions to distract them. Tombstones and Bombers will also distract enemy counters. The Musketeer or Bomber can inflict damage from afar and are useful in dealing with weak units.

You might want to play the Musketeer behind the Giant if you are the Musketeer. This way, the Giant can protect him and you can take advantage of the Musketeer’s damage ability. You can also launch him after the Giant and Baby Dragon to hit the enemy tower.

Another popular deck in arena 2 is the Giant deck. This deck can easily attack the opponent’s skeleton. The giant is also protected by the valkyrie, which will protect it from skeleton attacks. Giant decks can also deal damage to minions and goblins. Its versatility makes this one of the most powerful decks in the bone pit.

Arena 2 cards can help you beat opponents in different game modes. Some decks are better suited for higher arenas than others. A good Arena 2 deck will give you good results in both high and low levels. Using your Valkyrie is a good idea in this arena, as it can defend your team against skeletons and skeleton armies.

You can turn the tide of war in your favor by using the best Arena 2 decks. These are not the only decks you can use to win an Arena battle, but they will give you the best chance of winning. It is important that you choose the best Arena deck to win your game.

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