Best Deck For Mega Deck Challenge

Best Deck For Mega Deck Challenge 2022

Mega Deck Challenge 2022 is a challenge that requires you to identify the deck combinations that will give you the best rewards. You’ll receive 160x Banner Tokens and 10,000x Gold upon completing the challenge.

The Electro Giant deck is a great choice for this Mega Deck Challenge. This deck is ideal because it has many great qualities and a low average cost for elixir. It also contains plenty of support cards. You should be able to drive the Electro Giant to the arena easily, but be careful not to fall behind in defense.

To beat this challenge, you’ll want to choose your investment cards carefully. If you’re playing from behind, you’ll need to have units with a high attack rating. The Hog Rider is a great card to deal quick damage. It’s also very fast, so it can take down towers if necessary. To defend yourself against towers or other powerful creatures, you will need to support the Hog Rider by purchasing defensive units.

To get the maximum rewards, you need to win at least six times. You will receive a legendary trade token, an exclusive chest key, as well as a wild card. Your deck should have a mix of spells, buildings, tanks, and splash damage dealers. You’ll also need to choose the right combination of cards, as well as the correct deck composition.

One of the decks that’s especially good for Mega Deck Challenge is the Ram rider Miner deck. Its win condition is the Mega Knight and it has many tanky cards like Valkyrie, Dark Prince, and Mega Knight. The deck also has spells like poison, fireball, and hidden tesla. This deck is a good choice for the Mega Deck Challenge, and one that’s good for poking and annoying enemies.

A Golem Deck is another good choice for this challenge. It’s an excellent all-around deck with the ability to take down both air and ground units. The Golem Deck also has the Lava Hound tank. It also has the Balloon, which deals massive damage when it reaches a tower. Support your Golems with other air-targeting units to make it more effective.

Mega Deck challenges offer players the opportunity to use up to 18 cards, which is a significant advantage over regular battles. These challenges also offer more rewards such as banner tokens and gems. An 18-card deck can help win more matches and earn you more gold and gems. These rewards can help you build better decks in the future.

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