Best Deck With Sparky

How to Build the Best Deck With Sparky

A good Sparky deck should have a tank card to soak up her damage. Sparky is susceptible to minion hordes. To counteract this, use fire spirits. They are inexpensive to buy and can remove two Sparky hits. You shouldn’t be too cheap to get one Sparky as they can do a lot of damage.

A Sparky deck is a good idea. However, a good one should be capable of triple-crowning your opponent. It is important to keep your deck up during mirror time and double elixir. This will allow you to use other cards, including Giant and Dark Prince. It is also important to keep your support cards up until the next sparky comes up.

A Sparky deck is great for beatdown decks, especially those that use ground troops. Sparky can do a lot of damage in a very short time, so make sure you use a stun spell to stop it. In a beatdown deck, Sparky can be combined with a Giant or Goblin Giant. A good Sparky deck will also have an opponent’s King tower on the map, as Sparky can be dangerous there.

The Giant Sparky deck is another great deck that Sparky can use. This deck is more balanced on the ground and air, and contains many useful cards. It is great for stopping minions and stalling troops. It can also recharge sparkys, which will allow the unit to dominate in all arenas.

Another good Sparky deck has a powerful tank card in the form of a Giant. Sparky can also be used to protect the Giant from damage. The Giant is a great choice for this deck as it can hit your opponents with Arrows or Zap.

The Sparky deck doesn’t have a clear win condition troop, but it can use its elixir lead to counter a heavy ground swarm. It also can use a snowball to protect itself from minions. It will need an elixir collector in order to give it an offensive boost.

A sparky deck should deploy its troops behind a tank. This will make it last longer and less likely to damage the prince tower. A good sparky deck should have Mother Witch, Rage, Bats and Giant Goblin. Sparky can do a lot, regardless of whether you deploy it alone or with tank troops.

While it is important to have a mirror for defense, a sparky deck can also use the mirror to block an opponent’s push. Mirroring Sparky with a mirror deck will confuse your opponent and slow down your opponent. A good deck should also have a witch to help defend your troops.

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