Best Defenses In Fantasy Football

The Best Defenses in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football owners need the best defenses to win their games. New England and Indianapolis have solid defenses that consistently rank within the top 12 each season. These two teams also rank among the top in league turnover percentage. The Miami Dolphins are another option. They are known for their pass rush ability and strong secondary. New Orleans has also added safety Tyran Mathieu and a good pass rush.

Another team with a solid defense is the Dallas Cowboys. They were the top-ranked team in fantasy scoring D/ST last year, scoring an average of 1.5 more points than the next-best defense. Their secondary was also excellent, catching 26 interceptions, and leading the league with D/ST touchdowns. They should improve further in year two, especially with new coordinator Dan Quinn.

While defenses can be difficult to rank, there are some things you should keep in mind. ADP must be balanced with upside. The Steelers placed first in ADP last season, but finished 16th overall. The top five teams at the position were drafted by four other teams that finished outside the top ten.

A solid defense is one of the most underrated parts of fantasy football. It can often make the difference between winning and losing. Even top-tier defenses can still be vulnerable to early season matchups. In addition, it’s crucial to consider bye weeks when drafting your defense.

The Chargers’ defense is worth considering in the final rounds of your draft, along with Austin Johnson and Von Miller. Although the Chargers were ranked as the worst fantasy defense last season, they have made significant additions in the offseason. In addition to signing top cornerback J.C. Jackson in free agency, the team also traded for star pass-rusher Khalil Mack. Mack had at least eight sacks per season from 2015-2020, though his injury shortened the 2021 season.

Another defense to consider is the Denver Broncos’ D/ST. Although they were not as strong as their offense last year, they still had a strong pass rush. Their passing defense had the third-best red-zone defense in the NFL. They also added second-round pass-rusher Nik Bonitto to their pass-rush. Despite missing Von Miller and Smith, the Broncos are still a solid fantasy option, especially in the red-zone.

If Week 2’s Saints D/ST performance is good, it’s a good pick for Week 2. The Saints’ offense was lethal last season, and with Aaron Rodgers at QB, that should continue. However, this matchup puts the Saints at a disadvantage compared to the Packers.

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