Best Linear Fusion Rifle Destiny 2

Best Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

There are several Linear Fusion Rifles to choose from in Destiny 2. Depending on your playstyle, you can go with a quick pick or spend some time leveling up your weapons. Linear Fusion Rifles can be very powerful if you know what to look for. Some of the best options are the Veist Stinger, Veist Rifle, and the Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

Taipan-4FR: Another great option for those who want a linear fusion rifle is the Taipan-4FR. This weapon is easy to craft and comes with a Firing Line. Its Perks are excellent and its Origin Trait is very strong as well. You can equip the Taipan-4FR in PVP or PVE depending on your play style.

Stormchaser: Another linear fusion rifle that offers good base stats and a three round burst is the Stormchaser. Its high accuracy and high damage makes it an excellent choice for a sniper, while its double-barrel capability allows it to be used as a long range weapon in a defensive role.

Corsair’s Wrath: The Corsair’s Wrath is another Linear Fusion Rifle that comes with a Precision frame. This weapon is great for clearing hordes of enemies and has a minimalist look. The only drawback to this weapon is the barrel spinning, which can be difficult to focus on. Nevertheless, the Corsair’s Wrath is an excellent weapon in PvE and PvP situations.

Linear Fusion Rifle: The Linear Fusion Rifle is the best weapon class in Destiny 2. It has high damage, good stability, and good reload speed. These are the best LFRs to use in PvE. If you don’t want to spend too much time leveling up, then consider obtaining Exotic Engrams for them.

Outlaw Rifle: While not the most powerful Linear Fusion Rifle, the Outlaw has many advantages in PvE. Its origin trait makes it easy to farm, while its DPS perk pool makes it a superior choice for Gambit and Wrathborn hunts.

Reed’s Regret: The Reed’s Regret is a popular Legendary power weapon in Destiny 2 and was first released in Season 15. It’s a Linear Fusion Rifle with heavy ammo, but it is not craftable. It can only be obtained by completing the Trials of Osiris.

Queenbreaker: The Queenbreaker is another great weapon in Destiny 2 but has too many nerfs. It has less impact damage but is better for long-range encounters. It also has 5 magazines. It is rare to get, but sometimes you can find a seller who will sell you one if you don’t want to wait too long.

Arbalest: The Arbalest is another Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle. This weapon has an interesting triangle barrel and white pipe magazine. It uses special kinetic ammo, so it’s great for both PvP and PvE content. And because it’s a unique weapon, you can earn exotic engrams by using it.

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