Best Mirror Decks

How to Play the Best Mirror Decks in Clash Royale

Mirror decks are a popular choice, but they can be difficult to match up with. They also require a certain playstyle to be successful. Learning the right way to play mirror decks is essential for maximizing your winrate. The balance changes that went into effect April 2022 have significantly increased the popularity of mirror decks.

Mirror decks are fast-paced and often feature the Mirror card. They are also great for decks with high-tempo strategies and a focus on building powerful decks. To build your mirror deck, you can either copy a deck from the Mirror Challenge event or choose one from the Wizards of the Coast list.

Mirror is a powerful card for Clash Royale. You can play any card you have played in the arena before, so you can use two Hog Rides or two Skeleton Armeies at once. It costs the same amount as its predecessor, plus one extra elixir. If you don’t pay attention, you will lose the game to your opponent.

A good mirror deck should be able to counter powerful cards. It can counter zap spells. Mirroring a card, such as a Bait, will force your opponent to play it and force it out their hand. Mirror decks can mirror powerful cards without being zapped.

Aside from its defensive power, this deck also features multiple types of offensive troops. Towers can be severely damaged by the Miners and wallbreakers. In addition, the Mighty Miner can tear down a tower in seconds. Although it is a costly attack, it can also be countered with a counter.

Another great way to use Mirror is in a cheap deck. These decks are often cheap enough to allow you to use it more often and get a better punishment. This does not mean that you will be convicted of a lesser offense. This can come in handy when you need it.

A good mirror deck will contain several cards that will help win the game. The bomber is a good starter card, as it deals a lot to the enemy. Skeletons are another great option. The log is another great card to counter a balloon deck. It can distract a tank troop while the fireball can cause massive damage.

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