Best Mundo Counters

The Best Mundo Counters in League of Legends

There are a lot of different counters in League of Legends, but there are some common strategies you can use to beat Mundo. Tryndamere can be used to counter the all-in play style that Mundo uses. It has good dueling sustain, which means it can wear Mundo down early.

To counter Mundo, the first tip is to get in his faces early. This way, he will have less time to farm. It will also make him more difficult to lane against. You should also remember that his abilities can be very expensive, so limit his health farm as soon as possible.

Avoid his cleavers to counter Mundo. While he is dealing damage, cleavers can provide him with health and prevent you from engaging him. Moreover, if Mundo is low on health, you can use his ultimate to bait him into an exchange.

If you’re playing a champion like Dr. Mundo, you can ignore his ultimate and gank him from the start. His first cleaver can cause great damage if you hit it correctly, and his ultimate can make him vulnerable to multiple cleavers. His blade can also slow down targets for a while and give you a good opportunity to land multiple cleavers on them.

Darius is a top-lane selection and a great choice to counter Mundo. He can use his ability to zone Mundo and win trades. He should set Mundo back early on to prevent him from getting defensive items. He’ll be a easy target for Dr. Mundo if he doesn’t.

Ry’ys jmhwr is another good choice. This counter is a great addition to any team. It makes it easier to manage other players’ resources. It is important to choose a counter that will give your team the best chance of winning.

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