Best Phantom Forces Sniper Loadout

Best Phantom Forces Sniper Lootout

As a sniper, you can use a wide variety of rifles. Mosin Nagant is a great choice for long-range combat and has a high damage rating. You can also get a good one-shot headshot with the BFG 50. The AWS is another great choice for long-range combat. It has a high muzzle velocity and fast reloads.

In Phantom Forces, you can use a wide variety of guns, depending on the play style you have. The TAR-21 is a good choice for long-range snipers because it can deliver four kills in a row. Its high velocity and 850 RPM fire rate make it a powerful choice. The AUG A1 is another option, because it has good range and low vertical recoil. For longer-range combat, you can also use a Loudener.

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