Best Putters For High Handicappers

Choosing the Best Putter for High Handicappers

When it comes to choosing the best putters for high handicappers, it is important to look at several factors, including alignment. A properly aligned putter will reduce the chances of making a major error. A putter with a high forgiveness rating will also improve your scoring potential. Choosing the right putter will give you more confidence and make it easier to see your progress.

A high handicapper must also choose a putter with a high MOI value. This will help them resist twisting and keep the ball in the sweet spot. In addition, a high MOI value will help the putter balance your game if you miss the sweet spot. If you would like to learn more about golf putters, you can check out this detailed buying guide. You can also leave a comment or follow golf tips to find the right putter for you.

The weight of a putter is another consideration. A standard steel flex putter shaft will have a fairly consistent weight, while a putter with varying weights has a higher MOI. A high handicapper should avoid putting with a putter that is too heavy or too light.

Another great option for high handicappers is the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 putter. This putter is incredibly easy to control, offers great feel, and is a great value. In addition to its advanced White Hot Inserts, this putter also features a 2-Ball alignment feature. It also comes with an Arcos Caddie app, which makes it a perfect choice for high handicappers.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the best putters for high handicappers is the head design. You should choose a putter with a blade or a mallet head, as these are known to have more stability. Choosing a putter with a blade head will have a more balanced feel and better contact.

Another important factor to consider is your distance control. If you’re a high handicapper, a putter with a lightweight shaft will improve your distance control. A putter with a lightweight shaft will help you focus on your speed and accuracy while hitting the ball with more confidence. A lightweight shaft and grip will make it easier for you to control your distance with less effort.

The Wilson Harmonized M5 putter is another good option. The Harmonized M5 has a thicker grip for better control and less slippage during your stroke. The Harmonized M5 putter also features an improved White Hot insert. It comes with a 35-inch shaft. A golfer can also buy a golf putter with an adjustable hosel for more comfort and support.

A good putter can save you many strokes on the golf course. High handicappers can also use a putter to practice their putting. Practicing with a solid putter is essential in your quest to become a better player.

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