Best Songs By Miley Cyrus

Best Songs by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a fascinating discography, absorbing dozens of styles and modes, and occasionally pivoting into wild experiments. The seventh album, Plastic Hearts, features collaborations with everyone from Dua Lipa to Billy Idol. Here are some of the best songs by Miley Cyrus. We’ve also ranked them in order of preference, from most upbeat to most downbeat.

The title track is Miley Cyrus’s first single, and it was performed on her Peacock Pride special, which drew the most attention. Miley Cyrus’s version of the song could have used a tamer, more controlled delivery. Nevertheless, her version is a heartbreaking tribute to Alcorn, a transgender teenager who committed suicide. Her soaring voice makes the song seem elegiac, but her spirited rendition reaches its peak on “Doll Parts” on the Tonight Show, which was also her first live performance.

Another Miley Cyrus song to reach the top five on our list was ‘The One’. Cyrus’ song surpassed many global records when it was released, and despite its controversial music video, it remains one of her best songs to date. Although the music video didn’t change the song’s significance or influence, fans continue to talk about it in social media. The song is a testament to the pop-culture phenomenon that Cyrus has created.

Despite the emotional turmoil it evoked in the wake of her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, “Malibu” remains a sweet love letter to her former boyfriend. The song’s theme is identity, and it’s all about getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The song’s stripped-down sound and vocal range have won Cyrus fans.

After reconciling with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus released the single “Slide Away.” This song was written right after the breakup. Liam Hemsworth and Cyrus moved into the actor’s Malibu estate, and this song reflected the deterioration of the relationship between the two of them. It was also released on the day of news of the divorce.

Another great Miley Cyrus cover is “Communication,” performed during the COVID-19 relief special. This song is reminiscent of the Beatles’ original, but Miley Cyrus overdoes the belting in the chorus. Despite the song’s catchy title, “Communication” drags vocally and makes the chorus seem unnecessarily long.

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