Best Time To Surf

Best Time to Surf

There are a few factors that will determine the best time to surf in a specific region. In Hawaii, winter is the best time to surf due to the fact that a series of powerful winter storms originate in the Artic and travel thousands of miles across the Pacific. These storms become world-class waves once they collide with Hawaii’s coral reefs. The North Shore is home to some of the most beautiful waves in Hawaii. The North Shore is also where the surf world gathers to compete for Vans Triple Crown.

The main surfing season runs from December to March, when storm swells roll in from the North Atlantic and produce swells in the three to four foot range. The weather conditions are more favorable between June and August and there is a shorter surfing season. In those months, the best swell/wind combination is likely to be light easterly winds and air temperatures in the mid-twenties.

If you want to get the most out of your surf session, you should get there early. The morning is the best time to surf because the waves are bigger and more hollow at this time of the day. Also, you will be less crowded and less windy at this time of day. Your level of experience will determine the best time to surf. Beginners will probably prefer a hollow wave, while the experienced ones will prefer a larger swell.

A surf guide can help you learn how to read waves. It is also important to learn to read the tide and wind direction to help you find the best waves. The tide can make a huge difference in whether it is low or high, so it is important to check the tides before heading out to surf.

Between May and September is the best time to surf India. This is also known as the monsoon or pre-monsoon season. The swells can reach up to eight to fifteen feet during this time. This is the time when waves are highest on the west coast. However, you should be aware of rain and thunderstorms.

Although it isn’t the best time to surf Puerto Rico, it is a great spot. The tropical island receives swell throughout the year, but summer is fickle. The winds blow mostly offshore during this time. November through December sees a steady 4-5 foot swell. While this period can be wild, it is also less crowded.

Summer is the best season to surf in the UK. However, winter is the best season for surfing in Portugal. The average water temperature in the country’s western region is 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperatures can reach as high as 15 feet. This is not a good time to be a beginner.

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