Best Town Hall 8 War Base

Best Town Hall 8 War Base

The Best Town Hall 8 War Base has a number of advantages. It’s perfect for CWL. It acts as bulkheads, and its general layout distracts troops from the core. It is also ideal for protecting resource resources. Its three-star rating makes it an excellent choice for players who want to dominate the CWL.

Unique design features make the Best Town Hall 8 War Base stand out. One of its compartments contains the town hall, heavy army, and archer queen alter. The last compartment contains heavy defense and army towers. The two other layers have few buildings. The outer layer protects the clan from attacks by outsiders.

To ensure maximum defense, the Best Town Hall 8 War Base is divided in several sections. The town hall is at the center and features an archer queen alter and vital defense buildings. A second layer contains an army base and air defense buildings. You can even place spring traps at unpredictable places to stop enemy attacks.

Protect your resources from TH9 or TH10 attackers by building the best Town Hall 8 War base. You can also use a Trophy Base as a defensive base. A Trophy Base is a hybrid of the two types of bases. Although it is not as visible as a hardcore base but it is great for pushing cups and stockpiling resources.

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