Best Toys For Cats Home Alone

Toys For Cats Left Alone

There are many ways to keep your cat entertained and happy while you are away. One way to keep them entertained is by providing them with the right toys. A cat tower toy can be a great option, as it provides three levels of play and has non-skid pads on the bottom. But it does not include a wand toy at the top.

A cat’s toy box should be filled with fun, interactive toys. Cats who love to chew may want a toy with a crinkle ball. An interactive toy like a feather wand will keep them entertained and distracted. A three-tiered set of colorful rolling balls is another great option for cats to play alone.

Toys for cats should appeal both to your cat’s senses of smell and its need to exercise. Cats will enjoy a toy that provides a sense of security, which is important when they’re left alone. A wand toy that rotates on a weekly basis will help to keep them active and entertained.

A SHRU, which was created by a team feline behaviorists, is another option. It can mimic play dead and struggle and is rechargeable using a USB. The SHRU is a smart toy that cats will love. It has three play modes.

Laser pointers are a great interactive option. Cats will love chasing the red dot back and forth, and they’ll get plenty of exercise while they do it. However, laser pointers require batteries, so you’ll need to keep other catchable toys handy.

Another great option is a robotic cat toy. This toy works on vibration technology to attract your cat into chasing, pounce, and swat. It changes direction when obstacles are encountered, and even flips back onto its feet when knocked over. It features a colorful feather tail to attract your cat’s attention and keep it busy.

If your cat is a bird lover, a feathered teaser might be an ideal choice. The toy is filled with catnip and makes realistic bird sounds. These toys cost just a few dollars and are a fun way to keep your cat entertained. Make sure to put them away when not in use, though.

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