Best Troop Formation For Trap State Of Survival

Best Troop Formation For State of Survival

Using the best troop formation for trapping is crucial if you want to maximize the damage you do to the boss. It is not always feasible to send all your heroes in one formation. It is recommended that you send a mix of different formations. You can send a hunter on the front lines and a tank to protect your back. These formations are designed to increase the damage that your troops do to the boss. It is important to send them before the rally is over.

Select heroes with high attack and lethality when choosing heroes. You can also use a hero with high attack stats as a leader, and after the first attack, send a second troop. This will increase the chances of catching your opponent, so choose your heroes wisely. Also, make sure you train your infantry as much as possible, because they are easier to train.

You can use a combination of hunters and infantry to deal the most damage to your enemy. The Hunters will be protected by the infantry, while the riders will deal damage wherever they can. This combination will make it very difficult for your opponents.

If you plan to collect items, make sure you have the right heroes for each task. For example, Mike and Chef are great for gathering food while Rusty can be used to gather wood. You can also use Phantom as a starting hero if you want to gather gas. Both of these heroes have a rare type, which makes them extremely useful in the end-game game.

When it comes to opening a trap, the strongest alliance players open it with one rally each using Squad A, followed by the next two alliance players using Squad B, and the third alliance player using Squad C. While these strategies are not implemented yet, they will be added by the developers. Once implemented, this will be the best troop formation for traps in the game.

Hunters are another type of troop to consider for traps. They can do incredible damage and are easily ranged. However, they have low health, so you must use them with care. You should also make sure to have them in maximum range. There are two types of Hunters. One type deals more damage than the other to Hunters, and the other does more damage to Infantry. A Hunter squad with a strong reputation will have more Bows than Snipers.

Using a different troop formation for traps depends on the kind of attack you want to deal. When it comes to damage, hunters are better than infantry. Rally joiners can also use riders, which can increase their damage.

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