Best Urethane Bowling Ball

How to Choose the Best Urethane Bowling Ball

If you are looking for a ball that is consistent in motion and has a smooth hook, a urethane ball is the right choice. They have a 1000 grit surface that allows them to provide the same mechanical friction as other bowling balls while still providing that classic old school ball motion. These balls are great for the “up and in” shot.

This ball is a great option for new bowlers, and is a good choice for players looking to improve their game. The Storm Pitch Purple has a similar shape as the Storm Pitch Black, but it hooks a bit later and has more spin. Regardless of what color you go for, the Storm Pitch is a solid urethane option.

If you’re looking for a ball that can cover a large area, you can try the Motiv Combat Tank. It has a strong back and low differential. This ball has excellent control which allows you to read the lane quickly. It is also made of solid urethane with an asymmetrical core.

All urethane bowling balls can be made from urethane. However, not all urethanes work the same. A better quality urethane ball will perform better. You should choose a ball that suits your pattern. A bad urethane ball could cause you to lose spare balls or force you to throw them. Urethane balls can be difficult to control so they should only be used sparingly if your hook bowling skills are poor.

Modern urethane bowling balls are made with the same coverstock material as their old-school counterparts, but use different cores and coverstocks. They hook better than old-school balls. The same is true of Brunswick’s True Motion, which is the same formula as the original balls made in the 1980s. The Magnitude 035 core gives the ball a stronger hook than old-school balls.

The Hammer Purple Pearl is another urethane bowling balls that performs well. This is the ball most bowlers will notice the most. Fever Pitch, however, is a good choice if you want a ball that reacts more like old-fashioned pearl Urethane balls. A mildly porous hybrid urethane bowling balls is also available.

The core is another important aspect of the best bowling ball made from urethane. There are two types: symmetric and asymmetric cores. The symmetric type offers a lot of stability and balance, while the asymmetric one offers more curve and hook potential. The asymmetric type is a good choice for experienced bowlers, but it is not suitable for beginners.

It is also important to have a coverstock finish for a polyurethane balls. This type is more expensive than the plastic type, but it provides the most control. The coverstock finish is stronger and better for controlling the ball.

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