Billie Eilish Teeth Before

Billie Eilish Teeth Before Instagram

Billie Eilish has been the target of a lot of attention online and off, but her recent album Ocean Eyes proves that she’s a more interesting and complex person than most of her fans give her credit for. Her song’s ethereal sounds and the songwriting skills her brother Drew have made her a huge hit. Although she is now a young adult, she signed a management contract, her teenage years are still fresh.

The actress has a history with controversial posts and sketches about herself, including one that shows her breasts and nipples. Her Instagram followers dropped immediately from 73 million to 72.9 millions. Although it’s not her first time being accused of critiquing her body, her recent controversy has been criticized. She is hopeful that her newfound confidence will be a boon for her future endeavors. If you’re curious about how the singer’s teeth looked like when she was younger, take a look at her Instagram account!

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