Billie Eilish Wardrobe Malfunction Uncensored

Billie Eilish Wardrobe Mistake Uncensored

Billie Eilish shared a video recently of her having a wardrobe problem while filming her new music video for “Lost Cause.” While filming the video, the singer realized her shorts were coming out. Rather than covering herself up, she leaned forward and accidentally showed off her chest. Eilish quickly covered herself with a ghost emoticon. The teen pop star captioned the video, “We r hot!” She added the Emoji to her chest.

The wardrobe malfunction is just one of many in a series of videos that will be released by Billie. Holiday will be releasing a new album called Happier Than Ever on July 30. The singer wore a La Perla sleepwear set and a pair of underwear from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS underwear line. Billie posted emojis of white doves to her Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez also posted a video of her dancing routine, which revealed her amazing flexibility and heel-toe technique. The singer had been a dancer since her early teens. Recently, she announced her Happier Than Ever world tour. She is expected to be on the road in 2022. Until then, fans can enjoy her sexy videos as she tries to get into the best shape possible.

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