Billy Boyette And Mary Rice

Billy Boyette and Mary Rice May Have Been Involved in the Murders of Two Women in Northwest Florida

Two women were murdered in a Florida motel Jan. 31. The case is still unsolved. Mary Rice and Bill Boyette may have been involved. The suspects are also facing murder charges in Escambia and Baldwin counties. One of the victims was a young mother. They were both seen outside a Georgia motel on Tuesday and were taken into custody. Authorities say that Boyette fatally shot himself inside the motel room. The other woman who surrendered is being questioned by police in Florida and Alabama.

Both Boyette and Rice were convicted of murdering Kayla Crocker in 2005. They were in a relationship and later married. They were accused of murdering Crocker, and stealing her car. In the carjacking case, Boyette and Rice stole the car of the woman, Kayla Crocker. The pair fled with the car and a jewelry box. The incident took place in the home of the victims’ 18-month old son. He did not sustain any serious injuries.

As part of the prosecution’s case, the prosecution presented evidence to establish the truth. Although the details about Boyette and Rice’s relationship are still murky, the prosecution’s case is moving along nicely. The prosecution introduced hours of surveillance footage, showing Rice shopping for cosmetics at Walmart, purchasing a Hydroxycut at a GNC, and purchasing a Bud Light at a gas station. The state’s witness list seems to be progressing chronologically. In the early hours of Jan. 31, a neighbor and a security guard at the Emerald Sands Inn heard multiple gunshots. Despite all the evidence, neither side had any defense.

While Billy Boyette and Mary Rice are suspected in the murders of two women in Northwest Florida, they also committed another murder in Alabama. The first victim was Kayla Crocker, who was shot on January 31. Kayla Crocker was killed in a home invasion in suburban Pensacola on Monday. She died on Tuesday evening. Both were convicted of murder in the case. They were arrested as fugitives in the case.

Rice and Boyette were both charged with capital murder in the deaths Jacqueline Moore and Alicia Greer. Mary Rice was also charged with capital murder in another case. Peggy Broz was the second victim of Boyette and Rice’s home invasion in Lillian. They then stole the deceased’s car and fled. The sheriff’s office warned residents to call 911 if they saw them.

Both women were on the run but the two had stopped at Walmart for ammunition. Authorities have offered a $21,000 reward for information leading to Boyette’s capture. Although the police did not release the names of the victims they said that they had not changed their identity. The couple was last seen traveling in a white 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt with a Florida license plate number 9613BJ. The vehicle was later found near the motel where the standoff occurred.

Police believe that Boyette and Rice were holding each other captive for most of the time. While police have yet to confirm if they were actually involved in the crime, the couple’s relationship was documented through photographs. They were convicted of two counts each of murder. If convicted, they will be sentenced to death. This is a case that will continue to go on for some time to come.

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