Black Old Grannies

Six Black Old Grannies

The Madea movie is a cultural phenomenon. Tyler Perry, then only 30, created the black character based on a fictional Black woman. Perry’s mother, Aunt Mayola (who embodies the brilliance and sage wisdom that Madea embodies), inspired Perry to create the character. These movies have a deep resonance among Black grandmothers. Tudum spoke to six such grandmothers for this article. Some of their words and images have been edited for clarity and length.

Old people have always had a different point of view when it comes to fashion and trends. Many people are able to make old age seem hip, in fact. One such example is the old man in the video below. He is still able to rock out better than most young people of today and has all of his teeth. I’m sure he’ll never give up. Old people are also often more interested in staying physically active than their age.

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