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Griselda Blanco – The Black Widow

At age 11, Blanco helped kidnap and kidnap-for-ransom a child from an elite family; when they failed to pay the ransom amount, she shot and killed him herself. Subsequently she became a pickpocket and sex worker.

She had two husbands; her first husband was a petty forger while her second was a pimp.

Early Life and Education

Griselda Blanco was raised by an abusive mother and soon turned to crime at an early age. By eleven, she had abducted and attempted to hold for ransom a child before shooting him when denied money for ransom payment.

Blanco quickly rose to become one of the leading cocaine traffickers with direct links to Colombian white powder, taking business away from Italian Mafia groups and their mobbed associates. She earned the moniker ‘Godmother’ and had several hitmen working under her.

Osvaldo and Dixon were involved in her business; however, Uber vanished shortly after her death. On September 3, 2012, an unknown individual dismounted from a motorcycle outside Cardiso Butcher Shop on South Main Street in Baltimore and shot her twice before disembarking and driving off with his motorcycle without incident. He returned calmly with it before disappearing again into the night.

Professional Career

Cocaine trafficking was a brutal business during the ’70s and ’80s, and Blanco’s henchmen would murder those owing her money, often harming innocent bystanders in the process. Blanco earned a reputation for her viciousness – once boasting about forcing an unfaithful woman into having sex at gunpoint before killing her afterwards.

Carl Trujillo was an illegal immigrant smuggler. They shared three sons together; Dixon, Osvaldo and Uber.

Michael Corleone was her fourth child and she took to Hollywood gangster movies like a fish to water, adopting Al Pacino’s character’s name to give him his name as Michael’s Godmother and naming his son after Al. Since then he has avoided drug dealing and now owns a company producing T-shirts with her image printed onto them.

Achievement and Honors

Ferias Legales of Downey, an organization which provides free legal services to the community, honored local prosecutor Mario Trujillo last Friday at Rio Hondo Event Center by awarding him with their “Access to Justice” prize.

Catherine Zeta-Jones earned high acclaim as she played Griselda Blanco, popularly known by many names such as Black Widow, Cocaine Godmother and Queen of Narco-Trafficking. Catherine earned several awards for her portrayal in films such as Intolerable Cruelty and Ocean’s Twelve.

Matteo Stefan played Dixon Trujillo Blanco, one of Griselda’s children. A talented actor himself, Matteo has performed in multiple plays in New York City and won multiple ACE, HOLA ATI and LATA awards; additionally performing several telenovelas; studying acting at both Centre for Arts Education Monterrey and La Casa de Teatro.

Personal Life

Griselda Blanco, or the “Black Widow,” earned her moniker due to the way she treated both of her husbands: one she killed for not paying, while the other was kidnapped due to nonpayment of bills. Additionally, she murdered business rivals, strippers, bystanders, business rivals, strippers and bystanders; adding secret compartments into lingerie in order to facilitate drug smuggling operations and earning an estimated 80 Million per month through her company.

Jorge “Rivi” Ayala later reported that when she ordered a hit, everyone involved–including innocent bystanders–were going to die. A bounty was placed on her head in 1984, prompting her to relocate to California and remain hidden until 2012 when she died at 69 of natural causes outside a butcher shop in Medellin in retribution for some past wrong she had committed against one of her two sons: Dixon Trujillo and Uber Trujillo were shot and killed as revenge killing against someone she had wronged them before in Medellin for some past wrong done against them against whom she had wronged previously.

Net Worth

Blanco began her criminal life at an early age. Reportedly she killed an affluent child aged 11, after they and their family declined to pay ransom. Additionally she was an expert pickpocket.

She married Carlos Trujillo, an experienced document forger. They had three children together: Osvaldo, Dixon and Uber. However, their relationship eventually came to an end, with Blanco reportedly plotting his murder.

In the late 1970s, Blanco moved to Miami where her cocaine business flourished rapidly. Through violent tactics she contributed to an environment of lawlessness and corruption commonly referred to as the Cocaine Cowboy Wars/Miami Drug War; at its height she generated an estimated monthly revenue of 80 Million USD for her company.

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