Blue Eyed Bulldog

Blue Eyed Bulldog

A blue-eyed bulldog is a unique and beautiful choice if you are looking for a dog with personality. While blue eyes are the most desirable trait, the blue hue is not without its problems. For instance, your bulldog might start losing its blue hue as a puppy, which could indicate that something is wrong. You should immediately take your bulldog to the vet if you notice a sudden change in his eye color.

The French bulldog breed is affectionate and charming. He will even kiss you if you approach him. The breed does require a great deal of exercise and needs plenty of attention. This bulldog breed is best suited for households that do not have children or pets. It is a great companion for family and friends, and loves to play with balls and play games. And while you can get him to behave, the blue eyed French bulldog needs plenty of exercise.

Be aware of the potential health issues that a blue-eyed French Bulldog can cause. Due to the multicolored coat and Piebald/Merle genes, these dogs are more susceptible to hearing loss. As a result, the breed has a higher risk of injuries. A BAER test can help rule out congenital hearing loss in blue eyed French bulldog puppies. Start the process by testing your blue-eyed French bulldog puppy at six weeks old.

Four different causes can cause blue eyes in a French bulldog. One of the most common ways to acquire blue eyes is through the merle gene. The merle gene is not itself a color; it is the interaction of a specific protein with the pigment that gives eye color. The more influence your dog gets from this gene, the more likely he’ll have blue eyes in adulthood. It’s important that you check the merle gene in order to determine which gene is responsible.

While French bulldogs are generally low barkers, they do occasionally snort or bark. They make excellent watchdogs. Their blue eyes make them acutely aware of their environment and always alert to danger. Because of this, blue eyed bulldogs were brought to France by French workers during the Industrial Revolution and became one of the top dog breeds in the world. They are one of America’s most popular breeds, with over 200,000 registered with AKC.

Another breed of blue-eyed Bulldogs is the Lilac French Bulldog. Its coat is initially light grey, but it becomes lighter as it matures. It has blue eyes or light grey nose and nose. Its coat is very expensive. The average price for a Lilac French bulldog is between $8500 and $14,000.

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