Bluefin Jack

Bluefin Jack

Caranx melampygus (bluefin trevally), is a large member of the jackfish family that is commonly targeted in Hawaii by both commercial and recreational fishermen alike.

Studies conducted over time in Hawaii have demonstrated that bluefin jacks often assemble at night to form large congregated groups before returning home each morning.

Early Life and Education

Bluefin jack are highly migratory fish that make long ocean journeys to reproduce. Being endothermic means their bodies generate heat that keeps their internal temperature higher than surrounding waters; this allows them to remain alive during long journeys across ocean waters.

This fish is an adept predator capable of hunting both small and large prey. Reports indicate it hunts bluefish and bunker in Hawaiian Islands waters before feeding on coral reef fish, making it one of the primary predators of coral reef systems.

Bluefin jacks typically school as juveniles but transition into becoming solitary with well-defined home ranges as adults. At times they will form temporary aggregations for breeding or hunting purposes.

Professional Career

Captain Jack Sprengel has been an avid angler since childhood and has been involved with all aspects of sport fishing for more than two decades. Beginning his career at a local tackle shop where he gained experience learning the business from its infancy, Jack quickly developed skills with all types of equipment and techniques quickly become a seasoned angler in his own right. Traveling throughout Europe in search of trophy game fish he landed species from both Atlantic Oceans as well as Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico before spending extensive time fishing freshwater lakes and rivers across America before beginning again as Captain Jack Sprengel began.

Personal Life

Bluefin jackfish belongs to the Caranx genus and are part of the wider horse mackerel/jack family known as Carangidae. This species can be found throughout various marine habitats.

Bluefin Trevally (Trachurus trevallus), Blue Finned Crevalle (Crevalle bluefin), Omilu and Blue Ulua. It’s known by many names including bluefin Trevally, Blue Finned Crevalle (Omilu), Omilu and Blue Ulua. This species of fish can be identified by its electric blue fins and brassy, iridescent upper body color with scattered black spots.

An aggressive predator, this species hunts singly or in groups and patrols reef slopes and oceanic reefs for prey – typically crustaceans and small fishes such as crabs. Sometimes it works alongside larger animals such as sharks or rays to find prey items missed by larger creatures.

Net Worth

Dave Carraro is one of the world’s most esteemed tuna fishermen with an estimated net worth of $6 Million. His mission has been to restore bluefin tuna populations that have declined four-fold since 1950. Living alone and single, Dave currently resides in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Tyler McLaughlin from Pin Wheel Gate boasts a net worth of $400,000. He makes an income through endorsement deals and has his own clothing range as well.

TJ Ott of Hot Tuna is an accomplished fisherman who has been fishing for thirty years and assumed command of his father’s boat at just 20. His daily earnings can exceed $100,000; his net worth stands at $500,000. Plus he has other sources of income as well.

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