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Cactus Jack Barringer on Shark Tank

A jack is used to lift and support loads resting upon it, such as during repair work on vehicles. These may either be mechanical or hydraulic.

Cactus Jack Barringer appeared on Shark Tank to solicit investment for his Body Jac push-up assist product, and successfully struck a deal with Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran for a total investment of $180,000 in exchange for 20% ownership in his business.

Early Life and Education

Jack Barringer, commonly referred to as Cactus Jack, has long been an innovative entrepreneur with multiple patents under his name. On Shark Tank he sought investment for his latest product Body Jack; an assist device to facilitate pushups. Barringer had his daughter demonstrate it before the judges; with its weighted bands that can increase or reduce pushup difficulty attached directly to its equipment.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Cactus Jack agreed to team up with Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran in launching their business together, taking it through major infomercial trade shows before producing infomercials for launch. Unfortunately, however, Cactus Jack eventually went out of business; their domain name can now be purchased for sale via Facebook Marketplace.

Professional Career

Cactus Jack Barringer is an accomplished entrepreneur known for creating several patented products. One such invention was the Body Jac, a pushup assist device which has proven popular since appearing on Shark Tank and drawing attention from Kevin Harrington as one of its judges.

Harrington offered his expertise to the company and helped promote the Body Jac to great success, even taking it to an established infomercial event and producing several commercials to market the Body Jac.

However, after this initial success, Cactus Jack’s company struggled and Barbara Corcoran publicly called this investment one of her worst ever. Body Jac’s website currently remains offline, and products branded Body Jac haven’t been made or marketed since 2015. Despite these setbacks, despite having made Barbara Corcoran regret this investment decision; his current business ventures include cleaning products and arm wrestling machines as patented inventions.

Personal Life

Cactus Jack Barringer got the idea for his Body Jac push-up helper after visiting his doctor and being instructed to exercise to shed extra weight. His product assists people performing pushups easier by using different weighted bands.

He appeared on Season 1 Episode 5 of Shark Tank to pitch his product to Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington; they agreed to invest $180,000 each for 20% stakes in his business.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Body Jac saw sales increase significantly; however, due to differences between Barbara and the company (body Jac), things did not go smoothly between them and Barbara made public comments that it was one of her worst deals ever. Since 2015, they no longer produce and distribute this device.

Net Worth

Jack Barringer, or Cactus Jack as he’s commonly known, has made his mark as an entrepreneur with many successful products and inventions that have gone on to be part of everyday American households. From cleaning products to arm wrestling machines, Cactus Jack has brought many innovations that are now part of everyday American households.

Body Jac is another product from Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran’s Shark Tank investment series that gained him support, and both agreed to invest $180,000 into its push-up assistant to make exercise more manageable while targeting specific muscle groups.

However, since then the company has closed up shop and their product no longer available to customers. Barbara publicly called this one of her worst investments while Jack likely made quite an impressive sum from this deal.

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