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Wally Broecker and Bonnie Broecker – A Tribute

One of the first scientists to sound an alarm about climate change, Broecker helped usher the phrase “global warming” into the scientific lexicon in the 1970s. He also worked on ocean circulation, and demolished the old idea that it took tens of thousands of years for water to circulate from deep to shallow areas of the world’s oceans.

Early Life and Education

Wally Broecker, who died in February at age 87, left behind a remarkable legacy of scientific discovery. His pioneering work included using carbon isotopes to measure ocean temperature changes and introducing the concept of the great ocean conveyor, which links all the world’s oceans through heat-driven circulation.

He also co-authored many books, including a popular children’s book and a 2008 essay called Fixing Climate. His many former students and colleagues remembered him at a symposium organized in his honor last month at LDEO.

The event featured dozens of presentations from Broecker’s colleagues and students. One, Ahbijit Sanyal, said he was inspired by a professor who encouraged his work and opened doors of opportunity. Another, Mary McManus, an LDEO administrator, described a high-energy and caring colleague.

Professional Career

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Wes Craven, a college professor of English, started his career as a film editor. He is best known for his 1984 horror hit A Nightmare on Elm Street, which featured Robert Englund as the blade-wielding Freddy Krueger and helped define the slasher genre. He also directed such films as The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left and Scream.

He married twice and had two children, Jonathan and Jessica. His third marriage was to Iya Labunka, who frequently worked as a producer on his films.

Achievement and Honors

Among those who attended the dinner, geophysicist Richard Alley sang a song in tribute to his friend and colleague. Former LDEO students like Ahbijit Sanyal described how Broecker used his influence to open doors for them.

Wally was a prolific writer, authoring hundreds of research papers and 17 books. Many were self-published, spiral-bound affairs that he handed out free to anyone interested. A more commercial work was 2008’s Fixing Climate, an autobiographical look at the history of modern climate science.

He also mentored scores of Lamont grad students, several of whom went on to prominent careers. Toward the end of his life, he asked a fellow LDEO marine scientist to scatter his ashes on a future research cruise and urged her to “spread them in the ocean.” His first wife, Grace Carder, died in 2007. He is survived by two sisters, including Bonnie Chapin.

Personal Life

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Broecker stayed at LDEO for 67 years and was instrumental in developing scientific instruments and radiocarbon dating. He was elected to the Royal Society of London and the National Academy of Sciences in the United States, and received many honorary degrees.

He married Bonnie Broecker, with whom he had two children. He then married Mimi Craven, who started her acting career and later died in a car accident. He later married Iya Labunka in 2004, who worked as a producer on his films. They have two children, Jonathan and Jessica.

Net Worth

Wes Craven was a prolific film director, producer, screenwriter, editor and TV producer. He revolutionized the genre of horror films with his semi-satirical Scream franchise. He was also responsible for introducing the frightening Freddy Krueger to a worldwide audience. He had a net worth of $40 million at the time of his death. He was married to Bonnie Broecker from 1964 to 1969 and Mimi Craven from 1982 to 1987 before marrying Iya Labunka in 2004. He had two children, Jonathan and Jessica.

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