Brian Cuban Net Worth

Brian Cuban Net Worth is an American attorney, author, speaker and activist renowned for his expertise on male eating disorders and drug dependency as well as First Amendment law issues.

He is a generous philanthropist who provides donations to the Fallen Patriot Plan, which helps the families of military members killed in action. Additionally, he invests in startups and technology ventures.

Early Life and Education

Brian Cuban hails from Pittsburgh and was raised in a middle class family, beginning his career by selling trash bags door-to-door to earn spending money. Later he went on to form MicroSolutions which provided personal computer hardware and software development.

In 2000, he purchased the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he is co-host of the popular television show Shark Tank where he provides funding and mentorship for budding entrepreneurs.

He is an author and speaker on topics ranging from eating disorders to drug addiction, recovery, and alcoholism. He was interviewed by Katie Couric about his battle with body dysmorphic disorder; both brothers share a strong bond and often appear together at various events; their story stands as testament to determination and support within families.

Professional Career

Brian Cuban is a renowned lawyer known for his expertise in First Amendment issues. Additionally, he is a prolific writer who has released two best-selling books: 2013’s Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder and 2017’s The Addicted Lawyer.

He lives in Dallas with his wife Amanda, an attorney. After dating for 10 years they got married in October 2016 after dating for 10 years. They have two cats together. Additionally he is recovering from alcohol and drug dependency since 2007 maintaining sobriety through counseling and staying off drugs.

He owns the NBA basketball team Dallas Mavericks as well as Landmark Theatres and HDNet cable networks, while holding stakes in multiple other companies – making him a well-recognized figure within business circles.

Achievement and Honors

He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees at Penn State University. Furthermore, he is a member of the American Bar Association as an authority on legal issues related to addiction recovery.

He has written multiple books and delivered speeches on this topic worldwide. Additionally, he writes extensively about his personal experiences with drug and alcohol abuse; having overcome their respective addictions he now considers himself an alcoholic in recovery.

He has invested in multiple technology startups, with particular expertise in social software, distributed networking and search engines. Furthermore, he is an active philanthropist, having donated to many causes; including creating the Fallen Patriot Fund as an organization to aid families of fallen or injured military personnel in Iraq.

Personal Life

Personal Life. He is married with two children. Additionally, he has written numerous books and shared his struggles with body dysmorphic disorder with media outlets. Furthermore, he co-founded The Fallen Patriot Fund charity that directly assists families of US military killed in Iraq.

He is also the founder of audio streaming website AudioNet, created to allow fans to listen to Indiana Hoosiers games online in 1995. After selling AudioNet to Compuserve for $6 million in 2006, he became an instant multimillionaire.

Cuban was raised with his brothers Mark and Jeff in a working-class Jewish family. Since 2007, he has been sober. Currently, he resides in Dallas.

Net Worth

Brian Cuban managed to hide his depression, alcoholism and cocaine addictions behind a successful career and name; but all that changed when he entered rehab and embarked on his recovery journey. Now an author and speaker about mental health issues as an advocate for others.

Cuban has also been an avid philanthropist, contributing millions to organizations such as the YMCA, American Cancer Society and Dallas Museum of Art. Additionally, he has made investments in numerous technology startups involving social software, distributed networking and search engines.

He is the older brother of Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Their parents’ names were Shirley and Norton; currently, he resides in a 24,000-square-foot mansion located in Dallas, Texas.

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