Britney Kitten

What is a Britney Kitten?

You’ve probably heard of the Britney kitten. But what exactly is a Britney kitten? The adorable little girl was just two weeks old when she ended her life in a shelter. Since the shelter didn’t have the time to care for a young kitten, they decided to put her down if no one claimed her. Britney Diane, a volunteer animal worker, saw Chanel’s post on Facebook and offered her help.

Britney, despite being named after the pop star, is a normal kitten. Britney loves to play with her laser-pointer, dances when walking, and enjoys being pampered by her grandma and mom. She may look like a Britney kitten, but she is a normal kitten and doesn’t act like one. It would be unfair to compare Britney’s personality to Spears’s.

Fans speculated about the secret pet and some speculated that she was adopting an animal. One commenter suggested that it was a kitten. Over 11,000 likes were left in just 12 hours! Britney confirmed the news. And fans aren’t disappointed! Although she hasn’t shared any photos of the cat, fans can see the entire dance below and try to spot it in the video.

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