Britney Spears Announcement On Ellen

Britney Spears Announces New Las Vegas Residency

The latest Britney Spears news is that she has announced a residency in Las Vegas! She announced that the show will start in February at the Park Theater at the new Park MGM hotel. She also reunited with Ryan Gosling but didn’t mention the new residency nor any new music. We were eager to see Britney sing “Domination” but this is disappointing.

The “BIG Announcement”, a Britney Spears performance, will air on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres show! The pop singer’s time on the show was short, but the gist of the announcement is still out there. Even though the whole situation is absurd, Ellen DeGeneres tried to make a joke of it. Although Britney Spears’ exact announcement isn’t known, it will be a big draw for many fans.

The pop star went viral during a live broadcast on Ellen last month, and the audience was excited to watch the singer’s announcement on Ellen. While she was in Las Vegas to promote her movie First Man, the show’s host, Ryan Gosling, had some unexpected guests join her. Apparently, Gosling’s appearance was meant to evoke fond memories for the singer and her fans. In reality, however, the announcement was not spectacular and it was more of a PR stunt than anything.

Already, the show has been criticized for inappropriate behavior on Ellen Degeneres Show. Former employees and guests have come forward to claim that the show is unsafe. During one episode, Spears was made to steal from a mall. Another episode features the infamous prank by Spears of forcing shoppers to park illegally on a parking lot. And this is hardly the end of the story, as her appearance on the show was only the beginning of Britney’s announcement.

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