Brittish Williams Net Worth

Brittish Williams is an American reality TV star best known for her appearances on Basketball Wives LA and is also an experienced businesswoman, having established Gossip Girl Clothing online store.

She stands accused of various federal fraud offenses, such as four counts of bank fraud and misuse of social security numbers.

Early Life and Education

Brittish Williams is an American reality tv star best known for her appearances in Basketball Wives LA, appearing in 11 episodes and becoming an instant household name across America. Williams also made appearances on Marriage Boot Camp as well as multiple other reality programs including House of Labels online clothing store as CEO of Lux Trucking Logistics.

She credits her success to hard work and dedication, along with having amassed an enormous social media following that helps promote her business ventures and endorsements.

Born December 28th 1989 and attended Clayton High School prior to attending Saint Louis University for her postsecondary education; where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Communication/ Journalism.

Professional Career

Brittish Williams first rose to prominence through her appearances on reality TV shows like “Basketball Wives LA”, which chronicle the lives of women romantically involved with professional basketball players.

She appeared on “Marriage Boot Camp”, a reality show designed to help couples restore their relationships, as well as being an entrepreneur with her own clothing line known as House of Labels.

Clayton High School and Saint Louis University respectively were her educational destinations of choice, where she pursued journalism and communication studies. Thanks to her engaging personality, she soon established herself within the industry through television appearances, entrepreneurial ventures and endorsement agreements as well as public appearances.

Achievement and Honors

Brittish Williams’ hard work and smart business acumen have helped her build an impressive presence in the entertainment industry. Through reality TV appearances and her successful entrepreneurship ventures, she has amassed considerable income. Additionally, she engages in charitable work while serving as CEO for Lux Trucking Logistics; most importantly, however, she values family above all else.

Brittish Williams first gained prominence through her appearances on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA with Lorenzo Gordon, then Marriage Boot Camp reality series. Additionally, Brittish has diversified her income streams by venturing into businesses such as an online clothing store and boutique in St Louis which have all contributed to a substantial net worth for herself and Lorenzo Gordon.

Personal Life

Brittish Williams has made her mark through various reality shows. Her appearance on Basketball Wives LA cemented her public standing and opened doors for numerous opportunities, while her business and investment acumen enabled her to amass considerable wealth.

House of Labels clothing line and boutique. She earns considerable profits from appearing on the show. Furthermore, her financial success has enabled her to invest in real estate properties.

Even as she achieved great success in business, she has faced legal troubles. In 2021 she was indicted for multiple fraud charges related to using stolen Social Security numbers to open accounts and causing losses for credit card companies and banks.

Net Worth

Brittish Williams’ success in reality television and entrepreneurship has enabled her to amass an impressive fortune. Through multiple income streams and wise business decisions, she maintains an effective cashflow into and out of her bank account.

Williams has also expanded her ventures beyond appearing on Basketball Wives LA by opening an online fashion boutique known as Love of Labels. Offering high-end clothing and accessories at reasonable prices, Love of Labels generates consistent revenue streams for Williams.

As CEO of Lux Trucking Logistics, she earns substantial annual earnings and increases her net worth. Furthermore, her ex-boyfriend provides significant child support payments, which allows her to live an extravagant lifestyle.

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