Broderick Crawford Net Worth

Broderick Crawford was born December 9, 1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Lester and Helen Crawford – both performers in vaudeville shows, while Helen had a short acting career in Hollywood comedies.

He graced many hit films throughout his career and was nominated for an Academy Award for All the King’s Men. Additionally, he featured as one of the main protagonists on Highway Patrol and has created an enduring legacy that will live on for generations to come.

Early Life and Education

Broderick Crawford was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1911 to Helen and Lester Crawford – two well-known vaudeville performers who both enjoyed acting themselves. As a child he developed an interest in acting, often joining his parents on stage performances as they took turns performing.

Starting his career on stage, he received critical acclaim for his performance in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Later becoming an Oscar nominee with roles such as All the King’s Men and Born Yesterday – two films in which he excelled – his popularity continued as an actor on both platforms.

After his stint on Highway Patrol, he continued working in television, but typically took on low-profile projects such as Goliath and the Dragon or A House Is Not a Home. Unfortunately he passed away in Rancho Mirage, California in 1986.

Professional Career

Broderick Crawford was an actor renowned for his extensive filmography. Perhaps best known for playing Willie Stark in All the King’s Men in 1949, Crawford also made appearances in films like Highway Patrol.

He first found success as a Broadway actor during the 1930s and eventually began making movies in Hollywood. At first he was often cast as an intimidating tough guy character – with even some villainous roles being assigned.

He earned his wealth through television acting work and wise investments in real estate; posthumously his earnings continue to accumulate through residuals and licensing of his image and likeness, adding significantly to his projected net worth in 2024.

Achievement and Honors

Crawford has earned himself a place as one of Hollywood’s premier actors and performers, thanks to his talent and charismatic charm. His film and television work spans over a century and left an indelible mark on the industry.

At first he performed vaudeville before transitioning into radio with the Marx Brothers before serving in World War II’s US Army Air Force. Later, he made his Broadway debut starring as Lennie in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men adaptation before embarking on his Hollywood film career.

He started out playing minor roles and eventually progressed into leading film roles, earning an Academy Award nomination in 1949 with All the King’s Men (which later led to Highway Patrol on TV).

Personal Life

Broderick Crawford was born December 9, 1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania into an entertaining family; both his mother and father had strong roots in show business, serving as stage actresses and vaudeville performers respectively. Such early exposure helped pave the way for his successful acting career.

Crawford was best known for his movie roles; however, he also starred on the popular television series Highway Patrol as Chief Dan Matthews, captivating audiences with his acting skills and contributing to his wealth growth. This success on small screens was one of the many contributing factors.

His powerful performances impacted generations of actors and have left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Even after his passing in 1986, his legacy lives on through generations.

Net Worth

Broderick Crawford amassed considerable wealth during his lifetime through acting. This money came from film and TV appearances as well as licensing deals of his image and likeness, plus several profitable investments including real estate properties owned by his estate.

Broderick Crawford enjoyed considerable success as an actor, yet endured considerable personal turmoil in his personal life. He married three times; with each marriage ending in divorce. From his first wife Kay Griffith came two children; two more came from Joan Tabor when they married each time.

His career came to a climax when he won an Oscar for playing Willie Stark in 1949’s All the King’s Men movie, though he also appeared in Highway Patrol, Ace in the Hole, and Born Yesterday.

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