Brooke Marsden Age

Brooke Marsden Age – Facts About the Social Media Star

Brooke Marsden is 17 years old and was born March 3, 2006. She is best known as an Influencer known for creating videos. Her audience spans LIKEE, TikTok and YouTube with over 39,000 subscribers each. Additionally, Brooke and her sister collaborate to run Marsden it, their fashion challenge and beauty channel on YouTube.

Early Life and Education

Brooke Marsden was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on March 3rd 2006. Currently 17 years old.

Likee star She is widely-renowned for her humorous, relatable skits and dance routines on Likee. Additionally, she has expanded her reach by posting fashion, challenge, and beauty-related videos on YouTube.

She currently boasts over 67,000 followers on TikTok and over 275,000 Likee fans on Likee. Alongside Payton, they collaborate on an online fashion, challenge, and beauty channel called Marsden It.

Brooke Marsden has chosen to remain discreet about her romantic relationships. However, it’s likely she has someone helping with her professional endeavors. With a Life Path number of 5, Brooke is resourceful, ambitious and focused on reaching her goals.

Professional Career

Brooke Marsden has established herself as an accomplished social media personality. With an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to charity at her core, she has also ventured into new ventures such as creating her own clothing line and cosmetics line.

She loves fitness and enjoys sharing healthy recipes and workout routines with her followers. Additionally, she’s an enthusiastic mother who regularly posts pictures of her adorable son.

English social media influencer BeautyBrooke, widely recognized across platforms like TikTok, LIKEEE and YouTube has garnered an extensive fan base. Together with her twin sister she operates Marsden It – a fashion, challenge and beauty channel which ranks among one of the most influential Like Stars in their native England.

Achievement and Honors

BeautyBrooke, who is well known on social media as BeautyBrooke, is a video creator with followers on Like, TikTok and YouTube. Together with her sister she runs Marsden it: fashion challenges and beauty YouTube channel.

Her videos and challenges are engaging and relatable, earning her a global audience. She can also be found starring as Brook Soso in Netflix series Orange is the New Black as well as being cast as Veronica in Yazmina Reza’s play God of Carnage.

Family is very supportive and encourages her success, while she herself remains hard working and dedicated to her craft. With a Life Path number of 5, which makes her resourceful and ambitious, this drive has allowed her to achieve what success there is today and serves as an inspiration to many around the globe.

Personal Life

Brooke Marsden was born March 3rd 2006 and is best known by her online nickname BeautyBrooke. Her videos can be found across platforms like Like, TikTok and YouTube; additionally she collaborates with her sister to run Marsden it – their fashion, challenge and beauty YouTube channel.

Life path number five represents travel, freedom and independence. She enjoys close relations with both of her twin sisters – Payton and Elena – who she shares a close bond with.

She is a vegan who strictly follows a plant-based diet, making her an incredibly well-known figure on social media platforms and earning her an income through them. She serves as an example for fans while still managing to maintain a balance between work and private life.

Net Worth

Beauty Brooke, also known as Social Media Star was born March 3rd 2006 in Newcastle upon Tyne England and quickly garnered a large fan following on Like, TikTok and YouTube. Alongside her sister she works together on creating their fashion, challenge, beauty channel Marsden it.

TikTok users follow her over 43,000, while LIKEEE fans number over 275,000; she began creating web content at just 10 years old!

Her parents remain unknown; Payton Marsden is her twin sister; however, neither brother’s name has ever been revealed publicly. Additionally, her relationship status remains undisclosed and she prefers living a simple lifestyle; estimates place her net worth between $1 Million to $5 Million.

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