Brunette Tanning

How to Avoid Brunette Tanning

A great way to achieve a deep bronze tan without being a dark brunette is to use a self-tanning lotion with a green base. This will help to counter the orange-colored self-tanning lotions. Some brands of self-tanning lotion have green bases while others contain orange ones. Fake Bake and St Tropez both have a green base that will give you a deep, tanned look. Other good choices include Josie Maran’s self-tanning products, which contain argan oil. To avoid streaking, make sure you tan in a well-lit area. If your skin is warm, you may experience streaks and uneven tanning.

There are a few lotions that are specifically made for brunettes, and there are many blue-toned tanning lotions. Brunette Tanning lotion Sas is a unique formula that gives you a natural, even tan. The lotion is lightweight and sheer so it doesn’t feel heavy or oily. It is quick to dry and comes with a reusable applicator tool that makes application easy.

A brunette’s skin won’t look as tanned or as blonde as a blonde’s. While half of all blondes are slightly tanned, white people with dark hair are significantly tanned. Tan hair is more common in Africa and Asia than in Europe. But, tanning can make blondes appear unnatural. In addition, it can make brunettes look unnatural. So how do you avoid tanning for a natural-looking brunette?

A girl’s hair should be matched to her skin tone. If she is a brunette, a lighter shade of pink hair will complement her tan. Whether she’s wearing a band or a hat, a pink headband will help to balance out the brunette tan. If she’s wearing a headband, she should apply moisturizer to her head to prevent sunburn. Alternatively, a woman with blonde or white hair can choose to wear a dark colored headband and a hat.

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