Brunnette S

What is a Brunette?

Two meanings of brunette in English are possible. It is the feminine version of the masculine word brun, which is used to describe brown-haired persons. It can also be used for men. The word brunette, meanwhile, can refer to either a woman or a boy. Although it is not often used as a noun the feminine form of brunette persists. Historically, dark-haired women were considered serious, sophisticated, and capable. The words for different shades of brown hair include ash, chestnut, and golden.

While brunettes are often more reserved in the bedroom, they do outperform the other sexes. In fact, 58 percent of men and women believe that brunettes are better in bed than their counterparts. This is true if you have ever lived in a poor neighborhood as a brunette. The term “brunette” is actually a person with dark eyes and skin.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a brunette can be described as a white woman with dark hair. Although the term “brown”, is most commonly used for dark-haired women it can also be used for black women with light-colored hair. In recent years, the term “raven-haired”, which was once used to describe dark-haired women, has been largely dropped. Most people now use brunette. A brunette is the best choice if you want to attract a man.

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