Bryan Masche

Bryan Masche (Movie Review)

This comedy features Bryan and Jenny facing their biggest challenge yet: moving to Florida. Jenny falls ill one day before they leave, and the family is faced with a series of car problems. They arrive at their new home without keys and must learn how to manage their parenting responsibilities. Bryan sets out to start his own business and Jenny takes on a new job at the local hospitals. Bryan stays home to care for the children.

According to his father in law, the situation escalated to the point that Masche threatened his family and shouted profanities. However, he didn’t respond to police orders. He was also arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. After posting a $3500 bail, he was released on bond. Despite his plight, his arrest may be the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

The Masches bought a three-bedroom house and quickly outgrew it, especially when the sextuplets started to arrive. But their decision to expand the house was sparked by an unexpected setback. During construction, Jenny’s beloved tree blocks the addition. Bryan refuses to move Jenny’s tree despite her best efforts. He thinks Jenny is crazy. After all, she can’t move a 30-foot tree. And as their house continues to go under construction, Halloween is approaching.

Masche is running for governor of Arizona. He will be back in Havasu to host a Rotary Park boat parade. He hopes to visit Havasu multiple times during his campaign. A Facebook page was started in early 2021, and a number of people encouraged him to run. Masche gave credit to state rep. Walt Blackman for helping him get the word out. It was a significant step for the new Havasu City Mayor.

After splitting from Bryan Masche Jenny McClendon gave birth to Cash Allen McClendon, her seventh child. Bryan Masche was a sextuplet father, but his children were sextuplets, so his new wife is officially a mother of nine! She is also the mother of two children, one adopted from a foster home. So the next time you have to decide between the two of you, consider getting married.

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