Bryce Hall Biual

Is Bryce Hall Bisexual?

If you’re looking for some hot gossip, Bryce Hall might have some for you. The YouTuber and TikToker recently kissed Ari Aguirre, sparking speculation over his sexuality. Bryce Hall was previously linked to Addison Rae, but the couple split up in late 2017. Recent rumors suggest that he is bisexual. He hasn’t ruled out any new relationships, but he doesn’t have an official answer to this question.

A recent video of Bryce Hall kissing Ari Aguirre went viral. Hall asked Ari Aguirre if they had ever kissed during the interview. Aguirre replied, “Oh, it did.” Bryce began to kiss different men after filming a Vlog. He said that he would never do another Vlog but that he might kiss Reily.

Hall has a lot of followers on Twitter who claim that he is bisexual. Hall’s Twitter account has received over 15 million followers. It is also worth noting that Hall once dated TikTok star Addison Rae. Hall is friends with Tana Mongeau, a social media star who runs several successful social networking platforms. Despite this, Bryce and Addison are still not publicly dating, despite their recent tweets.

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