Car Accident Fresno

When it comes to filing a claim for damages in a car accident in Fresno, you will find a number of important steps you need to take. You should report the accident as soon possible and file your claim within three days. If you were involved in an accident, the other driver may already have contacted their insurance company. Do not give recorded statements to insurance companies. Instead, contact your attorney for all communications.

Fresno car accident lawyer can help you with your case. These attorneys have a wide-ranging background in auto accidents and can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. California law only gives victims one opportunity to seek compensation for damages caused by a car accident, so it’s vital that you hire an attorney who can handle your claim. After all, you deserve compensation after a serious accident. But who is going to do this?

Your chances of being in a car accident in Fresno are significantly reduced if you wear a seatbelt. Although only 97 percent of Californians adhere to seatbelt laws in California, one-third were not wearing their seatbelts in car crashes in 2013. Although it may seem trivial, this is an important safety precaution that you should take while driving. If you are not sure how to buckle up, here are some tips to remember.

Daniel Luna, a 32-year-old Avenal man, was the driver of the Dodge SUV which collided with the Ford F-150 truck. The cause of the accident is still unknown. Toxicology results are pending. Investigators are still investigating the crash and trying to determine the speeds of both vehicles. The weather did not appear to be a factor, however. It is important to remember, however, that the Ford F-150 truck driver was driving at a faster speed than the Dodge SUV.

The accident that resulted in death or serious injury will inevitably have financial implications. The surviving family members of the victim will not be able to pay their bills or care for their children if the other driver has died. In addition to the financial impact on the family, the death of a loved one could also lead to PTSD symptoms and even loss of relationships with family and spouse. There is help and a Fresno lawyer can help you file your claim.

It is important to take down the information of the Fresno police officer if you are in a minor accident. Obtain a copy of the accident report from the officer. You can request a copy of the accident report from law enforcement or the insurance adjuster handling your claim. A lawyer can help you make the most out of the compensation payment you’re entitled to. It is important to record the details of any minor car accident that you have been in.

You may also be able to file a wrongful-death claim if you or a loved one died in the accident. Fresno’s wrongful-death lawyer will investigate the circumstances and hold all parties responsible. They will also negotiate with insurance companies to maximize support for your family and minimize your financial burden. You’ll also be able to save precious time and keep your family together by minimizing the legal process.

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