Car Clothing Bar

The back seat of your car can be turned into a small closet with the addition of a heavy-duty expandable metal clothes bar. This is a great way of maximising space while on the road and allows you to store your items in a neat, orderly manner. Car clothing bars can also be used as emergency storage, so if you lose a few items, you can easily get them out and clean them up. But the question is, how do you get started?

The Car Clothes Bar is compatible with most vehicles. The chrome hooks are made of heavy-duty rings and can be used to hang clothes from grab handles or garment hooks. It has a grippy surface and rubber retainer rings to prevent clothes from getting caught. The telescoping rod adjusts to a width of 35 to 59 inches. Before purchasing the product, measure the width of your car to determine the size you need.

The Zone Tech In-Car Expandable Clothes Bar is an excellent way to keep your clothes in order. It’s expandable from 34″ to 62″ and is universally compatible. This car clothing bar is great for making your back seat a closet. If you have more than one child, the bar can be adjustable to fit your child’s size. It also has a rubberized grip sleeve to prevent your clothes from sliding around.

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