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Carol Kaye – Bassist, Author and Forensic Anthropologist

Carol Kaye can be heard playing bass in many television and movie soundtracks including M*A*S*H, Ironside, Kojak, Lost in Space, The Addams Family and many others. Additionally she records bass guitar recordings herself for her own recordings sessions.

She offers advice to individuals of moderate and high net worth regarding estate planning strategies to minimize estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes. In addition, she is an accomplished author and educator.

Early Life and Education

Early on in her life, bassist Carol Kaye worked for her father’s newspaper selling ads and subscriptions. She helped expand it both nationally and internationally while practicing muckraking journalism to expose injustices within Black communities.

After several years in the music business, Kaye joined Hollywood’s famed Wrecking Crew and participated in over 10,000 recording sessions as an electric bassist. Bassists such as Sting have given Kaye praise for revolutionizing bass guitar playing styles.

In 1969, she published the inaugural of many bass tutoring books with “How to Play the Electric Bass.” Since then she has continued teaching bass and guitar via Skype; making appearances at bass shows and seminars; advocating for net neutrality issues, and supporting legislation like 2018 Music Modernization Act.

Professional Career

Bass was an in-demand studio session musician, performing on over 40,000 recordings as an independent bassist. She first came into prominence after the regular bassist failed to appear and soon after became one of Phil Spector and Quincy Jones’ go-to players, soon becoming Frank Sinatra and the Beach Boys collaborators as well. By the late 60s she had begun cutting back on sessions in favor of writing bass tutoring books instead.

At The Independent, Bass is both editor/reporter and radio host/producer as well as fundraising and mentoring interns and staffers. Known for pushing the envelope on content and format, as well as fundraising contributions he has made considerable strides toward digital strategy at The Independent.

Achievement and Honors

Carol Kaye was named by Bass Player magazine as one of the greatest bassists ever and is also renowned as an author of over 27 bass tutoring books. She has personally instructed thousands of bassists – some famous ones! Additionally, Carol has performed at concerts and held workshops specifically tailored to bassists.

She has received several honors, such as the Pittsburgh Jazz Society Lifetime Achievement Award and Duquesne University’s “Outstanding Dedication to Bass Performance and Pedagogy Award”, both presented with accolades in honor of legendary recording pioneer Les Paul. Additionally, she received the Les Paul Innovation Award, which pays homage to him and celebrates his legacy.

Laura lives in Pownal, Maine where she paints and thrives despite living with multiple sclerosis. A devout Christian, she married Bill as her life partner and is married to him today.

Personal Life

Carol Bass has been married to Dr. Bill Bass for more than 20 years – an internationally acclaimed forensic anthropologist – for decades and can confidently tell him where the bones should go on the kitchen table!

She has played on thousands of studio sessions, such as those featuring Beach Boys, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Elvis Presley records. Beginning her session career as a jazz guitarist at Los Angeles nightclubs until a substitute failed to show for Gold Star Studios recording sessions, she decided to switch instruments.

At Moses & Singer, she practices Trusts & Estates Law as well as Matrimonial & Family Law practice groups, where she prepares and negotiates prenuptial agreements; advises families on cutting-edge estate planning issues; and represents fiduciaries in all aspects of post-death administration.

Net Worth

Carol Kaye is a multi-millionaire who made her fortune as a bass guitarist and teacher. Her bass playing can be heard on thousands of commercially released songs and recordings by artists like The Beach Boys and Phil Spector.

She has published a book on bass guitar technique. Today she lives a more tranquil existence in Antelope Valley, California where she offers bass lessons.

She advises moderate and high net worth individuals and families on all aspects of estate and wealth transfer planning, with an emphasis on creating sophisticated yet tax-efficient plans to minimize estate, gift and generation skipping transfer taxes while meeting non-tax objectives. In addition, she prepares and negotiates prenuptial agreements. Furthermore, she is an active partner in Moses & Singer’s Trusts & Estates and Matrimonial practice groups.

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