Carolyn Daniels

Carolyn Daniels

Carolyn Daniels is an attorney specializing in Employee Benefits who currently practices law in Colorado. She has written on globalization, information technology and entrepreneurship issues as well as conducting research into Fashion vs the Environment.

As Charles Sherrod expanded SNCC voter registration efforts into Terrell County in southwestern Georgia, Mrs. Daniels opened her home to this movement despite receiving threats and harassment from white vigilantes. She stood firm even in face of such efforts to intimidate or harass her by standing her ground firmly.

Early Life and Education

She was an active member of Grand Strand Baptist Church, serving in multiple positions there and founding Adams Rib Ladies Ministry. Additionally, she was honored as Grand Strand Baptist Mother of the Year 1984.

Daniels was among the pioneers in her graduating class to attend desegregated Lincoln High School, and remains deeply committed to equity in education. She has taught children, seniors and college students; been a field instructor for MSW students; and provided clinical supervision services to social workers seeking licensure.

Family is of utmost importance to her; with three sons and their wives; five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and two favorite nieces and nephews to call her own. Additionally, she loves reading; boasting an extensive book collection reminiscent of a small-town library.

Professional Career

Princess Carolyn quickly rose through the ranks at Vigor Talent, beginning as an intern and eventually becoming Marv Sbarbori’s agent. Due to her tireless pursuit of new clients and ability to connect with them, Princess Carolyn quickly become one of their premier agents.

Ralph discovers in Old Acquaintance that she’s considering reopening VIM as a management company instead of just an agent shop, to better serve its clients’ careers rather than help find jobs for them. While an agent assists their clients find employment, a manager oversees them throughout their careers.

Horse Majeure presents us with the story of Horse Majeure who recognizes that working all the time may erode her relationship with Ruthie, as well as worry over how her savior complex and desire to solve other people’s lives will impede on her work.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels graduated as part of Chapel Hill High School’s first desegregated class and has long advocated for educational equity. She has received many honors and awards, such as the John S. Day Distinguished Alumni Academic Service Award from University of Alabama’s College of Communication and Information Sciences. Additionally, Daniels has been honored as a Super Lawyer which recognizes top attorneys.

Personal Life

Charles Sherrod expanded SNCC voter registration work into rural Southwest Georgia areas in 1962, inviting Daniels and her volunteers into her home for voter registration work. Daniels “never batted an eyelash at having back-to-back rooms occupied for weeks while holding philosophical debates, appointing leaders, and planning strategy,” as Prathia Hall writes.

Her passion was cooking and she thrived off creating delicious dishes from even the tiniest seedlings in her garden, turning them into bountiful harvests of fruit and produce. She took great pleasure in seeing someone’s face light up with happiness when they had tasted something she prepared!

Andrew Patterson was an Andrew Patterson was one of Andrew Patterson’s classmates at Bethel when the accident took place and remembered her making sure that they always had food available to them during college life. She passed away at 85 and is survived by three of her sons as well as Carter Bashinski, Dagny Kinskey, Carolyn Roy and Sidney and Ty.

Net Worth

Since she was 11 years old and signed to Ford modeling agency alongside her twin sister, she has been active as a model. She rose to fame through her role in Sweet Valley High as Elizabeth Wakefield.

She later turned her focus to photography and owns Five Arrows Photography Studio. Additionally, she collaborates with her sister on creating blogs and social media accounts to promote healthy lifestyle events.

Carolyn Daniels prefers to keep her personal life and love affairs private. Currently, she is dating Edward. Carolyn Daniels loves travel and outdoor adventure. Carolyn Daniels Net Worth as of 2023 was estimated between $1-5 Million due to acting, modeling and photography careers that provided the source of wealth.

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