Carrie Henn Net Worth

Carrie Henn Net Worth – How Much Is Carrie Henn Worth?

Carrie Henn is a renowned former child actress renowned for her stellar portrayal as Newt in ‘Aliens.’ For this performance she won both a Saturn Award and Young Artist Award.

After leaving acting behind, she has turned to teaching as her new profession and makes a steady living at Shaffer Elementary School in Atwater, California.

Early Life and Education

Carrie Henn is an acclaimed American actress who has amassed immense wealth through her career. Born May 7, 1976 in Panama City, Florida United States to Roseleen and Master Sergeant Kenneth Henn (both former non-commissioned officers of the US Air Force), and raised by Roseleen as nurse mother; Carrie began acting professionally shortly thereafter.

Henn is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnic group. She graduated from Atwater High School in 1994 before enrolling at California State University Stanislaus for further studies.

Henn is best-known for her performance as Rebecca Newt Jordan in the 1986 film, ‘Aliens.’ For this work she won two Academy Awards and eight Saturn Awards; additionally she appeared in documentaries such as ‘The Making of True Lies,’ ‘Alien Evolution”, and “Superior Firepower: Making Aliens.”

Professional Career

Caroline Marie Henn, commonly referred to by her stage name Carrie Henn, is a well-known American actress best remembered for her performance in James Cameron’s 1986 movie ‘Aliens.’ At 5 feet 6 inches in height with brown eyes and dark hair color she stands 5ft6in high making for an undeniably attractive appearance.

Henn’s performance in True Lies earned her both the Saturn Award and Young Artist Award. Inspired by these successes, she chose education instead of acting and has appeared in various documentaries including ‘The Making of True Lies’, ‘Alien Evolution’, The Alien Saga’ and Superior Firepower’. Additionally, she is married with one child. Her husband works in law enforcement.

Achievement and Honors

Carrie Henn, an esteemed actress, has enjoyed unparalleled success in her acting career, winning numerous awards and receiving praise for her incredible performances on screen.

She first gained recognition after playing Newt in the 1986 science fiction film Aliens, earning both the Saturn Award and Young Artist Award for her performance as Newt.

Ridley Scott auditioned over 500 children at that time and Carrie stood out due to her beautiful appearance and unique talent.

Though no longer performing, her legacy lives on in Atwater’s Shaffer Elementary School as an educator. There, she helps inspire children to reach for their dreams.

Personal Life

Carrie Henn was born in Panama City, Florida on May 7th 1976 to Roseleen Henn (a nurse) and Kenneth (Master Sergeant Kenneth) Henn (who served with the US Air Force). Both parents played key roles in her development and care.

Henn made her mark as Newt Jordan in James Cameron’s 1986 movie Aliens, opposite Sigourney Weaver. For this performance she earned both the Saturn Award and Young Artist Award.

After his departure, Henn turned her focus solely to education, earning her B.A. in liberal arts at California State University Stanislaus. Later that same year she married Nathan Kutcher a police officer; together they have one child. Today Henn lives in Atwater California where she’s actively involved with charity efforts.

Net Worth

Carrie Henn is an acclaimed American actress who has appeared in multiple movies and television shows. She became well-known for her iconic performance as Rebecca “Newt” Jordan in 1986 sci-fi thriller Aliens; for which she won numerous accolades such as Saturn Award and Young Artist Award. Later retiring from acting altogether, she now works as an educator.

Henn was born May 7, 1976, in Panama City, Florida, USA to a nurse mother and an Air Force non-commissioned officer father. She graduated from Atwater High School in 1994 before enrolling at California State University – Stanislaus – Turlock where she majored in child development and liberal studies.

She continued acting, appearing in several more films before ultimately opting to teach at Shaffer Elementary School. Now based in Atwater with her police officer husband, she currently finds her main source of income as a teacher at this institution.

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