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The Cast of Trolls Holiday in Harmony

Whether you are a long time fan of the cast of trolls or you are just a newcomer, you’ll be happy to know that the latest release is a hit with critics and fans alike. The movie, which was released on April 30, is a great way to spend some quality family time with your kids. With a cast full of talented actors such as Anna Kendrick, Travis Scott, and Branch, you’ll have plenty of laughs, fun, and even some tears to laugh about.

Travis Scott

During a recent trip to Lollapalooza, Travis Scott was arrested for a bit of disorderly conduct. He also failed to stop the show when fans were in distress.

While most of the cast of Trolls don’t appear in this movie, there are two Trolls-themed movies on the way. One is set to debut in January, and the other will be available for streaming on Netflix later this month.

There is also a Trolls holiday special, which will air on NBC on November 26. The special is directed by Tim Heitz, who also directed the aforementioned Trolls movie. The special was written by Sean Charmatz, who is also behind the film’s best song, “Together Now.”

It’s also important to note that this is the first time the Snack Pack will not be the main cast of Trolls, and in fact, they don’t even appear in the movie. In fact, the Trolls entity is the best Trolls entity to date.

Anna Kendrick

NBC will air Trolls Holiday in Harmony on November 26th, featuring the voices of Anna Kendrick, Rachel Bloom, Justin Timberlake, and Kenan Thompson. The special will also feature original songs.

The animated Trolls holiday special features the same merry-making and holiday spirit as the Trolls movie. This short film is a great choice for your family. It features familiar Trolls songs with a holiday twist, and it includes some quirky humor. It also has some hidden messages, so it is a great way to bring your kids into the holiday spirit.

The special follows the Trolls of the Trolls Kingdom as they prepare for their first annual holiday gift swap. Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) search for the perfect gifts for each other. They go on a balloon ride and draw names, and realize they need each other. They kiss and hug.

In addition to Kendrick and Timberlake, the special features a voice cast of several Trolls veterans, including Rachel Bloom, Kenan Thompson, and Anderson.Paak.


During the Trolls Holiday in Harmony extravaganza, Poppy, Branch, and the gang find themselves in need of a little holiday cheer. With the help of a few lucky trolls, they are able to get their yuletide fix. It’s all the more impressive considering their age and lack of a parental unit.

Poppy, Branch, and the gang are not your average Trolls. Their newfound holiday spirit is reflected in their attire. One of the more memorable moments occurs when Poppy tries to show Branch the stars and stripes. It turns out Branch is the coolest Troll in the universe.

There are a couple of notable characters that make their first appearances during the Trolls Holiday in Harmony extravaganza. Branch in particular is a whirlwind. It’s no secret that Branch likes to ogle Poppy, but he also happens to be a good sport. During the Trolls Holiday in Harmony festivities, Branch demonstrates that he’s not afraid of a challenge.


Those of you who are familiar with the Trolls franchise will have heard of the character of Branch. This mini rapping troll is trying to write a holiday rap for his dad. However, he has trouble figuring out the rhyme for “diamond”. He consults Cloud People and Rhyme-a-saurus. Then, he meets some new friends and meets up with the infamous DJ Suki.

Poppy and Branch are two trolls who are attracted to each other. They have been friends since Branch was a little girl. However, when they realize they can’t spend all their time together, they decide to make a gift exchange. Then, they plan a Secret Gift Swap. Each Troll must purchase a secret gift for the other Troll.

They deliver baskets to various places in the Troll Kingdom. They have to sing a song titled “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” during the delivery. It gets loud and noisy, but it is also a nice holiday film. It is also full of heartfelt humour.

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