Cece Woods Malibu

Malibu Newswoman Cece Woods

Cece Woods, a resident of Zuma Beach spent her childhood on the Malibu beaches. In her 20s, she moved to California. However, she returned in 2006 and became an accidental activist for environmental causes. Woods spent several decades in the fashion industry, and her background in design led her naturally to a career in public relations. She uses her background in design to help her clients. Her articles and videos are widely distributed online.

Her activism has landed her numerous interviews with major media outlets. She was recently quoted in a Hollywood Reporter article about the Malibu Creek shootings. She has been quoted on her activism in the city and in various articles about Malibu. GQ Magazine has featured her reporting on the subject. And in early 2021, she is launching a new magazine called Cali Mag. Despite the challenges, Woods’ efforts are making waves around the world.

The activism of the newswoman has resulted in changes to the city’s police department, and its relationship with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The Malibu City Council approved an increase in its contract with LA Sheriff’s Department through 2021. This means that there are now more officers on patrol. This move is a result of Wood’s tireless work and advocacy, which led to a crucial victory in the 2020 Malibu City Council election and the removal of Reva Feldman as city manager.

Cece Woods’ publishing career began in 2013, when she founded 90265 Magazine. After Ann Sobel’s departure, Woods saw a gap in Malibu’s activism journalism. Woods started her own newspaper, The Local in 2014. The publication quickly became one the most trusted news sources in the area. The Local has supported several successful ballot measures, seated three Malibu City Councilmembers, and won numerous environmental victories over the past two-years.

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