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Essentially Charli – A Collection of Personal Essays

The internet is a crazy place, and Charli Rankin, a social media influencer, has found a way to tap into it. Not only did she make it famous on TikTok, but she also danced with J-Lo during the Super Bowl. But there are some pitfalls to fame that you might not have expected. She’s found that it is difficult to find love in a media obsessed world.

Thankfully, her success has brought her new book Essentially Charli, a collection of her personal essays. The book will be available in December, and it will contain the intimate details of the 16-year-old’s upbringing and family life. The book will include writing prompts, tips and tricks for social media use, as well as a bonus sticker sheet. Charli hopes to share the stories behind her videos on her YouTube channel in a world that is constantly changing.

While Charli’s fame may be elusive to outsiders, it makes sense if you know her. The sixteen-year-old has millions of followers and has a name that is synonymous with popularity. The reason for this is her sweet personality. Even her name has been repurposed as a name in a viral video. She hopes to meet Lady Gaga, and be a part her tour.

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