Chikki Panday Net Worth

Chikki Panday, son of Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey, is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning with Ranjeet Deshmukh in order to assist underprivileged children receive an education.

He maintains a healthy lifestyle by adhering to an intensive fitness regime and eating healthily. With an enormous social media following and collaborations with brands that contribute to his income stream, he also boasts massive income potential.

Early Life and Education

Chikki Panday was born November 13th 1966 and is the brother of Bollywood actor Chunky Panday. He has two children – Alanna and Ahaan- and runs his own business empire as well as being involved with charitable work.

He co-founded the Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning, an organization dedicated to providing accessible education. Additionally, he generates significant income through film roles and endorsement deals.

Alanna Panday, born to Mumbai-based businessman Chikki Panday and Deanne Panday, is an influential social media user with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. With a degree from London College of Fashion’s Fashion Management program and numerous posts covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics on her feed. Alanna currently resides in the US with Ivor McCray as her boyfriend.

Professional Career

Chikki Panday has established himself as a master in real estate investment and made successful deals which have helped increase his net worth significantly.

He first appeared in Bollywood with Student of the Year 2, and has since then appeared in numerous box office hits.

Sharad Panday, known for pioneering India’s inaugural donor heart transplant operation. Snehlata Panday was also an influential heart surgeon who performed Snehlata performed the first donor heart transplant.

He married Bhavana in 1998 and they had two children together: Ananya (daughter) and Ahaan (son). Chunky Panday is his brother in Bollywood. Deanne, his second wife is an experienced fitness trainer with strong filmmaking aspirations who is close-knit and enjoys spending time together; Rysa, their youngest daughter may pursue filmmaking as well.

Achievement and Honors

She has amassed an enormous following online, garnering lucrative endorsement deals with numerous brands that have contributed significantly to her increasing net worth.

She has also made wise investments in real estate. Furthermore, her increasing fame has garnered her international praise and several prestigious awards.

Deanne Panday is the daughter of Aloke Sharad Pandey (known by his nickname of Chikki Panday), an accomplished businessman. Together with Ranjeet Deshmukh he co-founded an education foundation dedicated to supporting underprivileged children’s education.

He has served on the Steel Consumers Council and Telephone Advisory Committee of India’s government, in addition to being uncle to Ananya Panday and Ahaan Panday (actress and actor respectively).

Personal Life

Chikki Panday, one of Bollywood’s renowned actors, has appeared in multiple award-winning films and boasts an active social media presence that allows him to secure lucrative brand endorsement deals.

Chirag Panday, together with Ranjeet Deshmukh, founded the Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning with an aim of educating underprivileged children.

He lives with his wife and two children in Monisha Apartments on St Andrews Road- Bandra in Mumbai and owns a lavish home there. An animal enthusiast, Kebo the Labrador can often be found sleeping by his side! Additionally, he likes drinking and smoking on occasion while traveling around new places (he even visited America). On one such journey he met His Holiness the Dalai Lama directly.

Net Worth

Chikki Panday’s success in Bollywood has earned her an ever-increasing fan base and net worth. Her earnings from acting, brand endorsements and investments all contribute towards creating her impressive assets.

She is the niece of Indian actor Chunky Pandey and daughter of costume designer Bhavana Panday. As an influential social media user, her Instagram page features fashion and lifestyle posts that inspire followers to follow in her footsteps.

Aloke Sharad is an accomplished businessman and co-founder of Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning with Ranjeet Deshmukh to assist the education of underprivileged children. Additionally, he served as a member of both Steel Consumers Council Government of India and Telephone Advisory Committees.

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