Chilli Scooter

Chilli Scooter – The Perfect Beginner Stunt Scooter For Kids

Start them out right with an ideal beginner stunt scooter for kids!

HIC compression and an XXL T-bar combine for an effective street setup.

Beginners looking for an all-purpose beginner stunt scooter at an incredible value will appreciate this model from pro rider Corey Funk, featuring premium parts at an unbeatably competitive price point.

Early Life and Education

Stunt scooters (sometimes referred to as freestyle or trick scooters) are an increasingly popular youth sport and an excellent way to get young people active while building skills. There is an array of colours and styles available so they are sure to fit everyone. Rampworx Shop is proud to be an official stockist of Chilli Stunt Scooters.

The Chilli Reaper is an all-purpose stunt scooter designed specifically for riders of larger builds. Featuring an all-aluminum deck with four bolt clamps equipped with SCS compression system, the Chilli Reaper weighs only 3.8 kg and can accommodate 120mm aluminum core wheels for increased jumps.

When purchasing a stunt scooter for your child, ensure the handlebars are situated at navel height for optimal stability and trick performance. This will enable them to easily perform tricks.

Professional Career

Chilli scooters are tailored specifically to riders and designed to take them higher. Boasting precision German engineering, their stunt scooters have set an industry-wide benchmark. Reaper is an excellent beginner model equipped with HIC compression, an XXL T-Bar, and a precise street setup – ideal for beginner riders just getting into riding.

The Corey Funk Signature scooter was created to be the highest spec complete pro scooter available at an incredible price for entry-level and intermediate riders, featuring its innovative Spider HIC system for easy upgrades to CSCS without purchasing new forks. A true work of art!

Rampworx Shop is pleased to offer an expansive selection of Chilli scooters, in a range of fun styles and colors – we are certain we have something perfect for you today! Come find your ideal ride!

Achievement and Honors

Chilli Scooters offer a great range of stunt scooters that cater to riders of various skill levels. Their scooters are built to withstand tricks and hard landings for maximum fun on every rider’s level – these popular choice among kids as well as adults alike!

The Reaper is an excellent all-purpose stunt scooter for beginners. It is sturdy but still light enough for all kinds of stunts in the park, and features HIC compression system with optional fork upgrades to SCS fork compatibility.

Corey Funk is an award-winning freestyle scooter rider from Thousand Oaks, California who is best known for his amazing stunt tricks. The Corey Funk Signature scooter provides premium quality at an accessible price with its neochrome deck, narrow 2-bolt M8 clamp, and light aluminum T-bar – features that are all hallmarks of quality construction.

Personal Life

Chilli Reaper stunt scooter is an all-purpose ride designed for stunt riding enthusiasts of any ability level, featuring a dynamic deck with 3% concave for optimal control and patented Spider compression system that allows easy upgrading from HIC to SCS without needing new forks; many pro scooter team riders rely on this scooter as well.

Chilli offers the Corey Funk signature Scooter as one of their highest spec complete pro scooters at this key price point, tailored specifically to Corey Funk’s specifications and personal aesthetic.

The Chilli Zero stunt scooter is the ideal starter stunt scooter for children 8 years or older. Constructed of high quality materials and featuring 110mm alloy core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings, this lightweight yet sturdy and reliable device features HIC compression system and 110mm alloy core wheels equipped with ABEC 9 bearings – everything needed for start up stunt scooter adventures!

Net Worth

Chilli scooters are tailored specifically for you, the rider. From beginner models like Rocky and Base all the way through to advanced pro scooters like the Corey Funk Signature model, each Chilli model is created to be optimally suitable for your skill level and help push yourself further.

Skilfully handcrafted using high-tech materials and designs, each scooter from their expert team is carefully put together so you can be assured in your abilities on the street or skate park. Plus, each one can be completely personalized to make it your own!

Rampworx Shop carries an assortment of Chilli Scooters to meet every riding ability and budget. We suggest starting out with either Rocky, Base, Reaper or Rainbow models before moving up in difficulty level.

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