Chip Coffey Net Worth

Chip Coffey is an accomplished psychic and medium who has made numerous paranormal TV shows his focus, acting as mentor for those possessing psychic ability.

Chip was born August 21st 1954 in Elmira, New York and currently earns $650 per private session while also making money through books and events.

Early Life and Education

Chip Coffey was born August 21, 1954, in Elmira, New York of American nationality with white ethnic background. At two he began modeling and at five joined acting classes; since then he has performed over 150 roles on stage!

He has appeared on a variety of television programs such as Expedition Unknown and Paranormal State. Additionally, he hosts Kindred Spirits for Travel Channel while previously hosting Psychic Kids.

Coffey is a proud openly gay man and actively advocates for LGBTQ groups on social media, with no tolerance for any homophobic remarks. He earns significant revenue through private psychic sessions which cost around $650 as well as book sales and public appearances, earning an income stream that easily supports him financially.

Professional Career

Chip Coffey is an esteemed psychic known for his appearances on various paranormal TV shows. Additionally, he serves as an advocate and mentor for those possessing clairvoyant abilities.

He hails from Elmira, New York and holds American nationality. At Elmira College he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Theatre; beginning modeling at two and acting classes five years later.

He has appeared on 31 episodes of A&E’s Paranormal State series and many television programs such as Expedition Unknown, Psychic Kids, Larry King Live, Haunted Salem Live, Exorcism: Live! and Real Fear. Additionally he wrote his own book Growing Up Psychic.

Achievement and Honors

Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic who has made numerous TV appearances on paranormal programs like Psychic Kids and Paranormal State. As well as appearing on these popular shows, he is a prolific author and speaker and often mentors people with untapped clairvoyant potential.

He has given of his time to the University of California at Davis as an alumni mentor and also serves on its Dean’s Leadership Council and faculty advisory committee for AvenueE, which encourages first-generation college graduates to pursue engineering as a career.

Chip Coffey has amassed an impressive income through television show appearances and book sales, charging $650 for private sessions as a full-time psychic and amassing an impressive net worth. Furthermore, he is an advocate of animal rights.

Personal Life

Chip Coffey has enjoyed tremendous success and success as a psychic medium in his career, appearing on over 150 stage shows and being sought-after as counsellor. Additionally, his book became extremely popular upon its release to market.

Chip Coffey remains famous, yet prefers to keep his personal life private. He does not share information regarding his parents and siblings with the media and neither does he reveal information regarding dating relationships or marriage plans with the press.

He is an advocate for LGBTQ equality, frequently tweeting his advocacy work against any sort of homophobic or racist remarks, participating in multiple gay pride parades, traveling extensively around Europe with family and friends, as well as participating in several gay pride parades himself.

Net Worth

Chip Coffey is a self-declared psychic who has appeared on various paranormal TV shows. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for those with untapped psychic ability and lives in Atlanta with his family.

Chip has achieved immense fame as a psychic medium through his work on paranormal shows, becoming an iconic figure within LGBTQ circles and earning admirers worldwide.

He has performed in over 150 stage shows and is widely-recognized as an effective therapist. However, his personal life remains shrouded in mystery: no details regarding dating and relationships were given and any knowledge regarding sexual orientation remained unknown despite charging $650 per private session as a full-time psychic.

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