Chitoka Light

Chitoka Light Loses Weight After Surgery

Chitoka Light is just one of many people who have lost weight following surgery. She is one of the stars of the TLC fact show, Family through the Ton. Before her weight reduction surgery, she was terrified, both physically and emotionally. Light persevered despite her fear and began her recovery by running and walking with a personal trainer. Eventually, she was approved by the surgeons to undergo weight reduction surgery.

Chitoka was 2,000 pounds overweight when the show premiered. She was confined to her bed for three years and did not leave her home until she began working with a personal trainer. She finally lost enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery, and was able to leave her house and drive to the hospital, where she met Dr. Proctor, a board-certified bariatric surgeon. Naomi, Chitoka’s cousin, also went under the knife. She lost 400 pounds and dropped to 317.

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