Chris Distefano Net Worth

Chris Distefano has been delighting audiences since 2009. His most well-known appearances include MTV2’s Guy Code and Girl Code series, Comedy Central specials on Netflix and Hey Babe/History Hyenas podcasts.

He has built up an immense following thanks to his fame and success, garnering brand collaborations and sponsorship deals that have only increased his wealth.

Early Life and Education

Chris Distefano was born August 26th 1984 to his mother after his father passed away when he was still young. After attending St Joseph’s College for undergraduate study in psychology and then going onto New York Institute of Technology to receive his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

Over the years, Distefano has appeared on MTV and MTV2’s Girl Code series as well as co-hosting MSG show The Bracket. Additionally, he hosted MTV’s Charlamagne & Friends VMA pre-party. Furthermore, he co-starred in 2015 comedy series Benders alongside Yannis Pappas before joining Yannis Pappas in web series Bay Ridge Boys as cast member.

He and Jazzy have two daughters named Delilah and Violette Luna; together, the family lives in Ridgewood, Queens.

Professional Career

Chris Distefano is an American comedian renowned for his witty storytelling and relatable observations. A writer, actor, and stand-up comedian himself, Chris has appeared on MTV shows like Girl Code and Guy Code as well as Caroline’s on Broadway in New York as one of its featured artists.

Distefano has appeared on television shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and hosted MTV Charlamagne & Friends’ VMA pre-party, while regularly guest hosting radio programs like Opie with Jim Norton and Bender’s.

Talented comedian Bill Hader enjoys a strong social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram, regularly sharing touching family moments with fans as well as entertaining musings and updates about his career path – garnering him thousands of followers in both platforms.

Achievement and Honors

Chris Distefano has established himself as one of the premier names in comedy. Through his witty humor and charming persona, he has built up a significant following that cherishes him and appreciates his comic genius both on- and off-screen. His hard work and talent has given him great success both aesthetically and commercially.

Brooklyn-born comedian Chris Farrell first came to prominence on the New York City comedy scene through regular performances at various clubs and open mic nights, honing his craft while captivating audiences and leaving them in stitches.

Once his career gained momentum, he was cast in the hit MTV2 series Guy Code and Girl Code. His hilarious commentary on family dynamics and cultural traditions have won him considerable fans; additionally, he makes guest appearances on various TV shows and movies which has allowed him to broaden his audience while increasing income streams.

Personal Life

Chris Distefano and his wife are enjoying life together with daughter Delilah in tow, sharing beautiful moments from their lives on social media.

Distefano relies primarily on stand-up comedy shows as his primary source of income, with television and podcast appearances providing additional income streams. History Hyenas podcast enjoys significant popularity and adds significantly to Distefano’s net worth.

He has appeared on a variety of TV programs, such as MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code as well as MSG’s The Bracket. Additionally, he co-hosted MSG series Benders as well as Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster; plus has performed at numerous late night talk show guest spots.

Net Worth

Chris Distefano has become an indispensable player in the comedy world through his quick wit and charming persona, earning audiences and critics alike the pleasure of listening to him perform energetically and offer humorous observations on family dynamics, cultural quirks and everyday experiences. These efforts have garnered him great reviews.

He is best-known for his appearances on MTV2’s Guy Code and Girl Code as well as various other television shows. Additionally, he hosts History Hyenas podcast and has made appearances in numerous films.

He currently resides with Jazzy, his two children and their dog on Staten Island. Through his generous charitable works and heartwarming social media posts, his efforts have earned him an avid following and made substantial profits via YouTube and podcasts.

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