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Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock During the Oscars

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock during Sunday’s Academy Awards after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head. Although the Oscars telecast script didn’t originally call for the jokes, representatives of the Academy were present when Chris Rock made them. Rock posted a video in which Smith apologized to Smith. Smith declined to press charges but offered to make amends to Rock.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences initiated an investigation into Smith’s actions. According to the Academy’s standards of conduct, inappropriate or unwanted physical contact can lead to reprimand, expulsion and loss of an Academy Award. Rock later denied pressuring Smith, but the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that he didn’t press charges against Smith. The controversy was also addressed by the show’s producer via Twitter.

They have joked about Jada pinkett Smith before. In a 2009 interview, Rock poked fun at Smith’s comments during the Million Woman March alongside Winnie Mandela and Maxine Waters. Rock doctored the video and made it appear that Smith was screaming “the roof is on fire!”

On her recent appearance on Dr. Meena Singh’s show, Pinkett Smith discussed alopecia and her treatment. They also discussed the different types and ways to treat alopecia. The two also discussed the importance of self-care and seeking help if needed. She also invited her co-stars, including glueless wig designer Gina Knight, to discuss their experiences with the condition.

Will Smith punched Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars after the comedian made jokes about his wife. The incident was broadcast live. Will Smith slapped another celebrity at the 94th Academy Awards, despite his disgust. Other firsts included Troy Kotsur (CODA), which won Best Supporting Actor, as well as Arianna DeBose who won Best Actress, for her role in West Side Story. The slap was not just a small inconvenience.

Will Smith’s slap was triggered by a joke about Jada pinkett Smith’s hair loss. The actor had made a joke about Jada Pinkett’s hair loss disorder, alopecia. Smith also allegedly hit Chris Rock in the face with a microphone after a joke he made. The Oscars broadcast went silent after the exchange, but the actor later denied hitting Chris Rock.

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