Chrisley Knows Best Madam Faye

Madam Faye (TV Series) Episode 11 – Julie Chrisley Knows Best

Madam Faye is a natural at finding old treasures. But she is reluctant to sell anything she finds at a thrift store. Instead, she sells those items that hold sentimental value to her. The episode shows her struggling to deal with her growing responsibility.

Faye is approaching her 69th birthday, so the Chrisleys decide to throw her a surprise party. The family is divided into four groups of two to ensure everyone has a good time. Todd assigns Faye to plan the party. Julie is nervous but excited. He books the event at the Cheekwood botanical garden, but Faye discovers that rain is forecast for the day.

Todd is Faye’s assistant. He intends to make Faye run errands by distracting her. He tries to get Faye to let him go, but she fires him. Julie then forgives her and agrees to take care of her own business.

Faye Chrisley (formerly known as Nanny Faye) has been in the news since her son-in law and daughter-in-law were convicted of fraud. She has been accused of not reading financial records and of forgetting to sign documents.

Faye also decides to spend time in Nashville, Tennessee with the Chrisley family. While she’s there, she agrees to let Chase and Ronndell chaperone her. After all, Chase and Savannah have their own lives. Meanwhile, she forgives Chase and Frances. She gets to spend quality time with her daughter while she forgives Chase and Frances.

Julie is thinking about her 20th wedding anniversary party. She also wants to host a fundraiser for Komen Foundation. She wants the party to be simple and barbecue-style. Faye is responsible for sending out invitations. Unfortunately, she gets the dates wrong. She has to reschedule her party. Due to the reschedule, the caterer is unable provide food. As a result, Julie and Tonya attempt to make food that will satisfy her family and guests.

Faye also has an addiction to gambling. According to the hypnotist, she may have a gambling addiction. She also admits that she used to gamble with her late husband. She is also apologetic for missing the pickups.

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